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Shrikant Sharma

Shrikant Sharma

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Why to Choose Delicious Sandwiches as Healthiest Lunch?
Do you want to enjoy delicious sandwiches? Sandwiches can be now taken both as breakfasts and lunches. They can be prepared easily with the use of fresh veggies like tomatoes, cabbage-leaves, potatoes, cucumbers and others.Now, you can get the privilege of availing healthy lunch sandwiches in absolutely ready-made form. You just have to place your order an...
delicious sandwiches, sandwich recipes, healthy sandwich, lunch sandwiches, sandwiches, healthy, recipes - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

Auditors And Chartered Accountants For Financial Assistance
Every business, no matter how small or big, requires people who look after the financial aspect of the business and checks the accuracy of the business records. The person who has the official job of looking after these records is called an auditor.They usually help in assessing financial operations and thereby ensure that the organization runs smoothly. A...
look after, internal auditors, chartered accountants, public auditors, financial, auditors, business - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

Ways in which Business Car Leasing can help a Company
Business owners stand to gain a lot when they opt for business car leasing. Buying a car for a business means a hefty cost has to be incurred, first with the down payment for the vehicle, and then with the subsequent EMIs. Even if the value of the car drops, this loan amount still has to be paid with no changes and this frequently happens in the event of a c...
car leasing, business car, vehicle leasing, old car, leasing, car, business - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 4 Months Ago

Chakra Healing Therapy for a Happy and Restful Life
Alleviate Your Energy ResourceIt is paramount to pay attention to the cleaning of chakras for a happy and restful life. Positive proclamations said to oneself have a constructive effect on your mind improving focus. Exposing to different colours can affect moods, emotions and balances chakras. Every chakra responds to specific Chakra sound healing frequenc...
healing therapy, chakra healing, restful life, chakra meditation, chakra, energy, chakras - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

Treat your loved ones with this Hyderabi Chana Dal Biryani
This lip-smacking Hyderabi dish is also known as Qabooli Biryani. The dish is totally worth trying plus the best part of the dish is that it is vegetarian. Make this yummy Hyderabadi Chana Dal Biryani during family gatherings, occasions, or festivals and make people a fan of your cooking. Though the dish takes a bit time to get prepared, still is definitely ...
chana dal, dal biryani, hyderabadi chana, 4 cup, dal, chana, dish - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 1 Year Ago

How To Purchase Best-Quality Peanut-Butter Online?
Now, it has become easier to buy peanut butter online and thus you do not require moving from one store to another physically anymore. Now, you will receive easy deals on the purchase of absolutely natural peanut butter. You have to be a smart purchaser for choosing the right product for your health. In this respect, you can definitely ask your nutritio...
peanut butter, buy peanut, butter online, best peanut, peanut, butter, store - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

What is Corporate Debt Restructuring and why is it Essential?
Corporate debt restructuring is basically the procedure whereby any outstanding obligations of a distressed organization are reorganized for restoration of overall liquidity and keeping it afloat in business. This is often ensured by negotiating between creditors and distressed companies. The former include financial institutions and banks. The negotiations ...
corporate debt, debt restructuring, procedure whereby, outstanding obligations, debt, creditors, corporate - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Months Ago

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes for Indians
Many non-vegetarian people complain about veg recipes of India being boring. On the other hand vegetarian people run out of idea to make their meals interesting and healthy both. So below are few interesting Indian vegetarian recipes you can make for lunch, dinner or to make a healthy breakfast.Lentil Quinoa Curry1. First heat oil in the saucepan2. Then add ...
vegetarian recipes, veg recipes, 5 minutes, run out, put, vegetarian, recipes - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

What Is Trading and Demat Account & Its Purpose?
The account is designed in such a way that it holds the statement of gross profit and/or gross loss that a company or a business enterprise acquires. The net profit or the net loss of the firm is calculated from the profit and loss account. On the other hand a trading account just gives the gross profit or gross loss along with the net sales and the rate of ...
demat account, gross profit, trading account, sharing ratio, profit, gross, demat - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 2 Years Ago

Starting a successful clothing brand in 2020
Your brand is your company’s identity, with which people identify you. Ideally, the brand should represent and best and most key attributes of your company. Especially in the world of fashion, the importance of brand identity is undeniable. This is because clothing (and accessories) allows us to define our identity, to ourselves as well as to the world...
most key, key attributes, clothing line, clothing brands, brand, clothing, business - Posted by shrikantsharma - Posted 4 Days Ago

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