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Simon Esfandi

Simon Esfandi

Los Angeles Car Accident attorney
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Most Confusing Things about California Product Liability Laws EXPLAINED By Attor
Every day, Californians purchase millions of products. The vast majority of these products are fine and high-quality, but there is a small portion of those that can cause terrible injuries, devastating damage and even lead to fatalities. It’s true that when you purchase something, you expect it to be perfect and without any flaws. You certainly ...
product liability, liability laws, defective product, california product, product, liability, injuries - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Should You File A Lawsuit In Your Car Accident Case?
You were injured in a car accident, and your attorney has filed a car accident claim. The insurance company offered you a settlement, but you are not satisfied with it. What do you do?In most cases, the main reason why people file a lawsuit is a to get more money. Yes, money!If you cannot settle a deal with the insurance company, and you don’t...
insurance company, car accident, true value, lawyers opinion, insurance, offer, company - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

How Attorney Can Help You to Determine Fault In Multi-Car Accidents
Car Accidents happen every day and are a result of reckless driving or driving under the influence. Getting to the bottom of a car accident is difficult enough, and it takes time and a lot of combined effort for the case to be closed and the fault determined.However, what happens with multi-car accidents? How do you determine fault and ...
car accidents, multi car, insurance company, determine fault, accident, car, attorney - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

California Approves Fully Driverless Cars ? Embracing Innovation or Asking for T
How do you feel about modern technology? Do you rush out to buy the latest smartphone, curved TV, VR headset, or whatever else the innovators of the world have launched most recently, or do you prefer to stick with what you know? Most of these devices, although incredibly useful, don’t have any real risk involved, other than maybe meaning you’ve ...
los angeles, car accident, driverless cars, autonomous cars, cars, car, los - Posted by simonesfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Why You Shouldn?t File a Claim Without a Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney
Nearly 4,000 Americans die in truck accidents across the U.S. every year. And here’s the deal: in the vast majority of these accidents, occupants of other vehicles either suffer injuries or die.Given the size and weight of trucks, being in a truck accident can be a devastating experience. Causes of truck accidents in the U.S. vary greatly, but th...
truck accident, trucking company, truck driver, truck accidents, truck, company, accident - Posted by simonesfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

What Does Product Liability Mean And How to File Product Liability Claim?
Defective products, strict liability, negligence, product recalls, reasonable foreseeability… There are lots of confusing legal terms that are floating around when it comes to product liability.Here at Compass Law Group, PC our Los Angeles County product liability attorneys understand that you, as a consumer, have recently been injured as a result o...
product liability, los angeles, angeles county, liability laws, product, liability, defective - Posted by simonesfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney If I Have Minor Injuries?
After an accident, most people are in a dilemma whether or not they should visit a doctor. This is the most common mistake, and one of the main reasons why so many people are left without the compensation they deserve. Even if your injuries are minor, or you believe them to be irrelevant and not worthy of the trouble, you SHOULD visit the doctor. Once you ...
injury attorney, personal injury, minor injuries, los angeles, injury, injuries, once - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Truck Accident in Los Angeles Fatally Injures Motorcyclist
Operating a small motor vehicle can be quite complicated sometimes. But operating a truck, especially the one towing additional cargo, requires special training, focus, concentration and constant awareness. Truckers are known for driving serious mileage every day; they are notorious for being constantly tired and are prone to making mistakes. These mistakes ...
truck driver, speed limit, motor vehicle, allowed speed, truck, accident, speed - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

Premises Liability Suit Filed After Woman Trips on Sidewalk
If you’ve tripped over a crack on the sidewalk and sustained an injury, you might be tempted to put it down to your own clumsiness, but you don’t need to suffer alone due to someone else’s negligence. If the council in charge of maintaining the sidewalks hasn’t fulfilled their duties to keep you, and other residents, safe,...
premises liability, angeles premises, los angeles, liability law, premises, liability, angeles - Posted by SimonEsfandi - Posted 1 Year Ago

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