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Cognos Advanced Business Insight interface
Cognos Advanced Business Insight interfaceCognos Advanced Business Insight interface is a web-based tool introduced by IBM. This tool can use for advanced business clients and professional report managers and analysts to create and analyze reports. This Business Insight allows users to create reports using relational or dimensional styles. By using reporti...
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IoT − Media, Marketing, & Advertising
IoT − Media, Marketing, & AdvertisingThe applications of IoT in media and advertising involve a customized experience in which the system analyzes and responds to the needs and interests of each customer. This includes their general behavior patterns, buying habits, preferences, culture, and other characteristics.You Get Knowledge in IoT, you c...
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Azure services in the cloud
Azure services in the cloudIn azure there are many services are listed for the users. Here we will some of the services of azure in detail.Azure Redis cacheAzure Redis cache is open-source. Azure Redis cache is based on the popular source Redis. The difference is azure technology manages Redis for us. It saves from the trouble of spinning up a VM. Users ca...
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