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What is a spudger tool and what do we use them for?
If you’re in a computer repair shop you might come across somebody talking about a spudger. By its sound, you might be thinking it’s a word like ‘thingamabob’ but it’s actually a real word to describe a real object! So, what is a spudger tool?What is a spudger tool?A spudger is a special tool that repair technicians use when...
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Spudgers - The types, uses, and kits available
Do I need a spudger?The answer to this question is: it depends! If you’re already in the know and are working with electrical components, you probably already know what a spudger is and have already used one. If you’re new to repairing devices, electrical equipment and the like, then a spudger will certainly come in handy.I don’t know w...
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A spudger toolkit: all the essential tools for device repair
Most cases for smartphones and tablets don’t have screws. Instead, they need prying open. In order to open them, you need a special tool called a spudger. Let’s find out more about using in a supdger toolkit.Why choose a spudger toolkit?If you do a lot of repair work on smartphones or tablets, you might want to buy a spudger toolkit. This sav...
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The spudger tool: a low-tech device for high-tech working
It’s a stick. It’s cheap and low tech. It might even look like it belongs in your child’s craft set. But, a spudger tool really is essential for all your electronic repair and other household needs. Let’s find out why.What does a spudger tool look like?Like I’ve said above, a spudger tool is a stick. Most spudgers have two d...
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Plastic Spudger vs Metal Spudger - Which is best for repairing an iPhone?
Let’s say you’ve broken your iPhone screen (or any other smartphone screen for that matter) and you search online for appropriate tools to help you repair it. After all, it’s probably cheaper to buy the tools and do it yourself armed with a few YouTube videos. Your search results will tell you that you need a spudger, but there are so many ...
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Plastic pry tools ? The most versatile spudger
What is a plastic pry tool?A plastic pry tool is a useful implement for prying open devices and device cases. It’s a really handy and cheap tool that you will find so many uses for around the home or office. There are two main forms of plastic pry tool. The first, and most common type, is a stick with a flat end at one side and a hook on the other. T...
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Nylon spudger - How to use this nifty tool in electronic repairs
What materials do spudgers come in?If you Google the word ‘spudger’, you will see hundreds of results for tools of varying sizes. When looking for repair tools, it really is a minefield. You can get wooden spudgers, metal spudgers, fiberglass spudgers, plastic spudgers, and nylon spudgers. They all have different pros and cons, as well as varyi...
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Metal Spudger - Why and when do you need one?
No, it’s not part of your dental hygienist’s tooth cleaning kit! A metal spudger is a prying tool that we use to open cases on devices like smartphones and tablets, or to release laptop screens, for example. For anything that is not meant to be opened routinely, you probably need a spudger.When might I need a spudger? With the abundance of &l...
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