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Dreamline Shower Doors: Add Fresh Appeal and Impact to Your Bath
Your shower enclosure can have a great impact not only on the appearance of your bathroom, but also on your entire bathing experience. While shower curtains have been the age-old go-to option of many homemakers, many are now enjoying the benefits of glass shower doors and modern enclosures that offer many practical advantages over the traditional, lightweigh...
shower doors, glass shower, shower door, shower curtains, shower, glass, doors - Posted by Studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Add Stainless Steel Faucets for a Dramatic Kitchen Makeover
Flip through modern home design magazines and you will see elegant stainless steel appliqués in kitchens and baths. Stainless kitchen faucets are widely used in modern homes not only because of their sleek appearance that blends quite nicely with the traditional and the contemporary, but because of their practical qualities, like their resistance to c...
stainless steel, steel faucets, tap ware, reaction toward, steel, stainless, faucets - Posted by Studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Things to Remember When Choosing Accent Table Lamps
Table lamps can be anything from an inexpensive swing arm desk piece to a pricier and more elaborate stainless steel contraption. No matter the style you choose, there are different purchase considerations you should remember if you want an accent lamp that will best bring out the beauty of your space and at the same time add functionality to your little cor...
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Buy Trendy Floor Lamps Online and Add Character to Your Home
Floor lamps have the power to improve lighting in an otherwise drab and boring space. Your choice of accent floor lamp can add flair and character to little forgotten corners and help you showcase your unique taste and personality in your home decor. Before you choose which floor lamp to buy, it helps to know the look and feel you wish to achieve for your sp...
floor lamps, floor lamp, torchiere lamps, lighting effect, space, lamps, floor - Posted by Studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Modern Ottomans: Combining Comfort and Style in the Living Room
Modern ottomans have gone a long way from being merely glorified footstools. Thanks to contemporary designs and styles, ottomans are now huge game changers that offer versatility, practicality and added style to homes. It doesn't even matter how much spare space you have or don't have at home because there is always room for a nice ottoman in a beautiful liv...
living room, modern ottomans, ottomans make, wooden furniture, room, ottomans, storage - Posted by studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Choosing the Right Accent Chest Furniture for Small Rooms
Accent furniture can put finishing touches to a room. Tables, chests, chairs, and other complementary pieces not only add an interesting visual detail to your space but increase its functionality such as adding storage or work space, as well as extra seating. Choosing the right accent piece can make all the difference in tying your room together. Eye catchin...
right accent, drawer chests, accent piece, accent chest, chests, accent, furniture - Posted by studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Five Things to Consider Before Buying Accent Tables
End tables rarely get the glory, they deserve. Take a typical room arrangement for instance—visual biases often go to bulky couches and accent chairs, leaving these low-key fixtures with nothing but residual glances, if any. Often seen as complementary, utilitarian fixtures, there are ways to highlight them in your room arrangements. Like accent chairs...
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Accent Chair Furniture: Contemporary Style and Look
Accent chairs may not be as practical as other furnishings meant for every-day use and long-term lounging. They, however, offer great decorative value as sculptural pieces that add a touch of elegance, modern style, or eccentricity, depending on the kind of look you want to portray in your space. Eye-catching and stylish, these chairs are specifically design...
accent chairs, accent pieces, term lounging, sculptural chairs, chairs, accent, space - Posted by studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Make Your Home More Beautiful With a Classy Chandelier
In most cases, all it takes is the right lighting fixture to add a touch of class to a room. A chandelier is one of the easiest solutions to upgrading the look of any space. It can transform your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom from drab to classy, and make certain spaces more appealing and suitable for entertaining.Are you afraid that adding ...
dining room, classy chandelier, wooden furniture, wall decor, chandelier, room, chandeliers - Posted by Studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

Add a Touch of Class to Your Bathrooms with Linen Towers & Cabinets
Decorating your bathroom can be as easy as adding elegant furniture and cabinets to it. Linen towers and cabinets are essential for storage, as they provide easier access to your towels and other bathroom Knick knacks. Most of these types of essential bathroom furniture are designed to save space, so they are constructed to be slim and tall to minimize the f...
linen tower, linen towers, small bathroom, bottom drawer, linen, bathroom, tower - Posted by Studiolx - Posted 5 Years Ago

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