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The Change Compass

The Change Compass
The Change Compass is a digital, cloud-based tool.
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Published 3 Years Ago
Managing Change Impacts Using Change Management Software
Change impact analysis information is critical for operational resource planning and managing customer experience. Constant and relevant data is requi

Published 4 Years Ago
How To Better Manage A Change Portfolio?
Build the framework for initiative drivers to define and articulate change impacts, and own the update of initiative data in a central repository.

Published 4 Years Ago
Skills Required In Landing Multiple Change initiatives
Do you have the radar to see the change impacts of initiatives on different parts of the business in real-time? Or are you still relying on people cha

Published 5 Years Ago
Change Management Tracking Software Allows You to Manage the Changes More Effectively
The Change Compass was founded by Euan Wu who was 15+ years experience in managing large change initiatives across a range of Fortune 100 companies gl

Published 5 Years Ago
The Change Compass Offers the Best Organizational Change Management Software
Organizational Change Management Software will help the company in the proper adaptation of change. This software will assess the effect of the change