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Why Should You Invest In Oval Gear Flow Meter For Filling Oil Containers?
When you are working in any industry, for an instance let us consider oil packaging industry, you are entitled to take orders and fill the containers with oil. Such a task requires a lot of preciseness and the men should be careful enough to avoid the wastage of resources, oil as well as their time. Often, there are a plethora of workers who measure the amou...
oval gear, gear flow, flow meter, let us, oval, oil, gear - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

diaphragm pressure gauge Maintenance
Silver Automation Instruments manufacture low cost diaphragm pressure gauges for various corrosive medium. Before installing the diaphragm pressure gauge, the user must carefully check the type, diaphragm material and measuring range to see if the diaphragm is damaged; when there is no pressure, the pressure gauge indicates whether it is at zero, and the ste...
pressure gauge, diaphragm pressure, universal pressure, pressure gauges, pressure, gauge, diaphragm - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Choose correct type fuel flow meter and get the liquid turbine flow meter Price
Question:Hi, we would love SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS can choose a proper type liquid turbine flow meters for the fuel flow measurement. , see below description: FUEL FLOW METER . 4-20 MA/PULSEOUTPUT. POWER 24VDC +/- 15%. FLOW RANGE: 0.5-10 m3/h .REMOTE VIEWING. COMUNICATION: OPTIONAL RS485. HOUSINGMATERIAL: SS304 OR SS316. 3Cr13 OR CD4MCu SS I...
flow meter, turbine flow, liquid turbine, fuel flow, meter, flow, de - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

SGW-D series Gas Turbine Flow meter General Introduction
SGW-D series Gas turbine flow meter can be used to measure clean air or gas, such as natural gas, nitrogen gas.,etc. The best part of SGW series is that it can have integral temperature and pressure compensation, the SGW-D gas turbine flow displays temperature and pressure value which is quite gas flow instruments for process control.Gas Turbine Flow Meter...
turbine flow, gas turbine, flow meter, sgw d, turbine, pressure, gas - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Problems in the use of Variable area flow meter
Variable area flow meters are widely used in flow measurement, it can measure liquid, gas , or steam . and can manufacture the flow meter according to different requirement from the customers, such as only local display , or with any output , hygienic process connection or flange connection; the best part of the variable area flow meter is that it can measur...
flow meter, variable area, area flow, metal tube, meter, flow, float - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

Paperless Recorder &RTD sensors
Paperless Recorder &RTD sensors Customers often request paperless reorders as temperature recorder, also they need temperature sensors, thermocouple or RTD from us to use together with chartless recorder, below is the case from our customers they need recorders and PT100 :INQUIRY CASE:Hi, we need SX5000 series paperless recorders with 12 RTD...
paperless recorder, management software, lead cable, data management, temperature, rtd, recorder - Posted by tinaxu - Posted 1 Year Ago

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