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  • Get Car Accessories in Davao City - Tint Room Davao – a place where you get the best car accessories in Davao City. Our store is also renowned for GPS tracker for car, Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Services in Davao City. Visit Us at our local store in Davao city or Call Us On (
  • Get Car Accessories in Davao City - Read the blog post of Tint Room Davao and know about services regarding car accessories, car tint Davao, GPS tracker for car and window tinting service for the residential and commercial purpose provided by the best shop for window tinting and car accesso
  • Get Car Tint in the Philippines - Tint Room Davao – A shop where you get Best car tint in the Philippines. Our store is the leading tint service provider of all kind of car tinting like Reflective tint, Ceramic tint, Safety Films and also for commercial and residential films. Visit our sh
  • Get Reflective Tint and other Car Accessories in the Philippines - Tint Room Davao – A store where you get the best car accessories in Davao city. Our store provides a wide selection of window tints for car including reflective tint, ceramic tint and other car accessories to upgrade your vehicle according to your desire.
  • Get Reflective Tint in the Philippines - Tint Room Davao – A best-priced shop in Davao City for Tinting Service. Our Store is the leading window tinting installer in the city. We offer different kinds of commercial and residential tint service for various purposes like safety and security films,


Published 3 Years Ago
Reasons to Get Your Car Windows Tint by Professionals
Tinted glass comes with many benefits. It enhances the aesthetics of your car and keeps it secure too. Furthermore, reflective tint saves your vehicle from heat, and privacy is like cherry on the top.

Published 3 Years Ago
Things you should know about car tint installation
Tint Room Davao is a part of Philippines-based LA Group of companies providing car accessories and window tinting services for cars, residential and commercial purposes. The company founded in 2003, is reputed as a brand with the largest selection of car

Published 4 Years Ago
Enhance Your Vehicle with Premium Car Accessories in Davao City
Automobile accessories not only enhance the car's look but also improve their capability. Plus, they smarten up and embellish the vehicle while offeri

Published 4 Years Ago
Why Should You Consider Reflective Tint Over Other Tints?
Trying to decide whether its worth to get your car windows tinted?

Published 4 Years Ago
Car Tint Installation for Your Car – Why Quality Matters.
Tinting car windows is not only fashionable it is also healthy as it protects the eyes from glare, the skin from UV rays and sunburn

Published 4 Years Ago
Preparing Your Car for Tint Installation: What Do I Need to Do?
Who does not wish to upgrade the car from both interior and exterior? For this, window tinting is the best option in a specific budget.

Published 4 Years Ago
Reflective Tinting for Safety and Enhancing Energy Efficiency
Window tinting isn’t only the fashion statement for your vehicle. While most of the owners don’t understand how reflective tint window works

Published 4 Years Ago
Top 5 Reasons to Get Car Tint Installation From a Professional Tinting Store
Car tinting is a common practice among all the car owners who get the glasses of their cars tinted for one reason or the other. Tinting the car is a g

Published 4 Years Ago
Top Picks for 2019 Dash Cam and Our Recommendations
Do you own a car? If yes, then it is necessary to know about the dashcam.

Published 4 Years Ago
Car Window Tint That Keeps Car Cool Amidst From Tropical Conditions
Use of car window tint is a great way to protect the interior of the car from ultraviolet rays.

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