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5 Camping Tips To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable
When traveling around Queensland and Australia in general or heading out to one of the mining camps, having your own mobile accommodation is a real bonus. Whether you use a tent, camping trailer or caravan, camping cab be fun for the whole family, but it pays to have the right gear.These five camping tips will help to make your trip more enjoyable:Pre-...
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Important things which are required during mining camp accommodation
Most mine sites in Australia, especially in Queensland and Western Australia are located in remote areas where there isn’t any accommodation for mine workers. It’s usually not practical because of the distances involved for most workers to commute from their homes to the mine sites, so mining camp accommodation is provided as part of the workers ...
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Tips to get hired in mining camps
There are lots of employment opportunities for people who wish to start working in the mining industry around Australia. Many mining camps are constantly on the lookout for skilled as well as unskilled workers. To find a suitable job there is much easier than many people think, if you are prepared to start with an entry level job.Cleanskins an industry n...
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What are the precautions that should be taken while stay at Mining Camp?
When you decide to start working in the Queensland mining sector, it’s important that you’re familiar with the different types of mining camp accommodation offered at different mine sites. All accommodation must be up to the minimum standards as laid down by the relevant government regulations such as the Work and Safety Act.Different companies...
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Things You Should Know About Mining Camp Accommodation
When you work on a mine site in Australia because they are almost always in an isolated area the company provides a mining camp for all their workers. Most people work shifts each day for a set time for example, ten days on then four days off or seven days on and seven days off. The times can vary for different mine sites and different contracts and differen...
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