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The Most Complete Essential Vendor Recipes for Path of Exile Player
Though playing the Path of exile, a lot of gamers actually do not know some pretty helpful recipes that would make their life inside the game so much less difficult. So decided to compile a list of recipes that players usually use and share them with you. crafting has some flaws that retain it from welcoming, especially for those who might not be gr...
spell harm, physical harm, high quality, ability gem, recipe, harm, give - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 2 Years Ago

Can You Elderly Hero Please Have A Donkey Mount in ESO
She's a tough old biddy, having decided to pick up her staff one more time and clean up this mess the world has turned into despite being in her late 70's - she has grandchildren to think of after all! Now she has a lovely horse she traded for to carry her around, but he's awfully big, and some days its a bit hard for her to scramble onto his back - rainy da...
up her, tough old, rainy days, pick up, she, her, up - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

Is It Just Not Worth It To Try To Go Crit with An Ignite Build in PoE
With the reveal of all the trap reworks and new trap gems, I decided I wanted to start the league with an ignite proliferation fire trap build. I've been messing around in PoB as best I can without having access to the new skills and changes, but I don't have much experience with ignite or trap builds so I'm not sure how much I am missing due to inexperience...
ignite proliferation, fire trap, crit chance, charged traps, trap, ignite, crit - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

A Lot of What Torpedoed the League Were Bugs - PoE
If Bestiary is simply going to be too much work to design into a more core mechanic in the pure game I won't argue, nor am I making suggestions to how to "fix" something. But I did want to explain why I am sad something I hate is gone.I think a lot of what torpedoed the league were bugs, poorly documented mechanics, and unfinished mechanics. IMO the takeaw...
wont argue, usability issues, too much, simply going, league, poe, bestiary - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

How Did You Get That Much Currency from 65 Maps in PoE
First time running this kind of power farm before so I decided to track a few things. Also not sure if I prioritized rolling and sextanting things correctly but here are the results. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.First, here is the loot tabRunning uber strict Neversink filter.I picked up all big c...
picked up, haunted mansions, elder haunted, additional mobs, maps, map, up - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

IIR Seems To Increase the Drop Rates of the Wisdom Scrolls - PoE
I'm still adding more data to it, but the data is starting to become quite meaningful. For those that don't know, if P is <0.05% that means something almost definitely happened, there's only a 0.05% chance that it happened by fluke.The primary take away from this is the following:IIR Seems to increase the drop rates of the following:Wisdom Scrolls...
p value, drop rates, wisdom scrolls, still adding, orb, data, dont - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

Path of Exile - Easier Sorting Life
Is there any way that we can get a tab sort feature on our account page? so that we can name, sort their position in the queue and have them already loaded at the start of a new league? Cause when u have 60+ tabs to name and organize every single time a new league starts it takes some time to do. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to poe buy i...
new league, tab sort, sort feature, league starts, way, tabs, sort - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

Flashback Event is Too Good To Miss in Path of Exile
Looking for something to do ahead of the June 3.3.0 update for Path of Exile? Grinding Gear Games feels your pain: It’s prepping a “competitive flashback event” next month to help you pass the time. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can buy chaos orbs poe from those profess...
flashback event, professional online, online gaming, my highest, event, my, mods - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

Why Did the Listing for Alchs Trend Die off in Path of Exile?
Search engines like poetrade essentially do a lot of work ahead of time. They precalculate filters and sort orders and such so that each unique search doesn't require the server to loop through every item in the system in order to determine what should be on page 2 of your specific result. However, this means you need to have that sort order available ahead ...
work ahead, unique search, sort orders, search engines, chaos, search, youd - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

Soulworker: We Have To Re download all the Voice Packs Again?
Hello everyone, as some of you may know the previous Japanese voice patch guide got taken down from Steam. Don't worry though we have found an easier way to actually "patch" the Japanese voice. Working with Steam and non-steam client on my end. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy Soulworker...
voice files, japanese voice, datas folder, voice patch, voice, folder, files - Posted by u4fifa - Posted 3 Years Ago

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