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An optional destination after Hangzhou travel - Xiangshan Film and Television Ci
The Xiangshan Film and Television City is one of the top tourist destinations of the Ningbo district in east China. Here, tourists can bask in the view of the Lingyan Mountain, as well as other natural sceneries in the area.Located 87 miles from Ningbo, the Xiangshan Film and Television City occupies a land space of 1091 square kilometers. It is protected by...
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Travel Guide - Haining Tide-watching tourist Zone
Haining tide, or Qiantang Tidal Bore, is a splendid and amazing natural phenomenon of the earth, which has been famous all over the world and considered as a “marvelous spectacle in this world". Owing to the attractions between the sun and the moon and the earth, the centrifugal pull caused by the rotation of the Earth and the unique landform of the en...
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Best Travel Experience to Temple of Five Lords - Wugoong Ci
Five kilomters from the centre of Haikou City is The Temple of Five Lords or Wugong Ci as called in Chinese language. The temple was constructed by Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty who ruled in 1368 - 1644. It had undergone period renewals and major renovation work was done during the Qing Dynasty in 1644-1911. The Five Officials Temple is a well known tour...
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Learn more about Xiangji Temple
Situated in Chang'an Nation, about 17.5 kilometers (12 miles) to the southern of Xian Town, The Xiangji Forehead was designed in respect of the mentioned Buddhist monk Shandao by his disciple Huai Yun after his masters loss of life. As Shandao was one of the initiators of a division of Buddhism, Genuine Area Buddhism, so Huai Yun known as the temple 'xiangji...
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Watch the endless beauty of Balikun Prairie
Balikun Prairie is located in the Hami area in northeastern Xinjiang province, which is also the second-biggest prairie in Xinjiang. There're the muscular cattle and sheep on the great Balikun Prairie where is full of good pasture. Here the sky was quite blue and the air fresh and sweet. The flowers on the grassland were blossoming profusely and the grass wa...
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Travel Guide - Small Wild Goose Pagoda
With an area of 16.3 hectares, the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Scenic Area, which consist of the Xian Museum and Small Wild Goose Pagoda, is located in the southern suburb of Xian, about 2 kilometers to the south of the City Wall. Nowadays, this scenic area has become a wonderful leisure site for the appreciation of cultural relics, sightseeing and entertainment...
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Wonderful Epxloration in Beishan National Forest Park in Qinghai
Beishan National Forest Park with the altitude of about 2100-4308 meters accounts for an area of 1,127 square kilometers in total, with forest coverage reaching 64.3%, the forest accumulation volume of about 4.2886 million. There is a most enchanting and majestic sight of fantastic stone pillars inside the scenic spot. Forest-clad mountains, high bright blue...
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General Knowledge of Silk Road
China's vast western region is accessible to travelers along the classic Silk Road, the most important connection between the East and West. Goods traded along the route were mainly silk products and the name Silk Road.At that time, only China grew mulberry, raised silkworms to make silk products. In 133BC, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) order...
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Best travel experience to Yao Ethnic Village
Meng Ethnic Culture VillageIt is located at the foot of Luohan Mountain, about eight kilometers away from Jinxiu County. The Grade II road (from Jinxiu County to Liuzhou City) passes the village. At the back of the village, there is a cloud-kissing mountain, Luohan Mountain. A clear glassy mountain spring lies at the side of the village. The water tastes fre...
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Best Relax in Xinli Lake Ski Area
Xinli lake ski area was built in the year 2001 in the Changchun city. It is located in the south of Changchun city, about 16 kilometers away from the main city. This ski area can have a yearly reception capacity of 40,000 people only. However, new investments were imbued to enlarge Xinli Field to encounter the Ice and Snow Tourism Festival 2009 which happene...
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