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Blackjack,also known as Twenty-one or Vingt-et-un(French word for "twenty-one"),is a comparing-type card game. It is the most widely played casinobanking game in the world. The standard game is played with one or more Anglo-American decks of 52 cards. The basicrules of the game involve adding the value of an initial two card hand in hopesof appro...
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The game we now know and love as bingo is thought to have originated inItaly, and it is thought to have its origins in the Italian lottery. Thislottery has been played almost every Saturday since it got its start in 1530,and by the 1770s word of the game had spread to neighboring France, where itcaptured the attention of the monied elite.Feature ...
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land based casinos
The originof casinos Gambling casinos originated inEurope. There have been casinos in Europe for over two hundred years. The firstwere found in the expensive French resorts and German spas. The casinos began todraw a much wider public with the introduction of roulette in the lateeighteenth century.Around in 1930 when several Europeancount...
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tips for winning
On many occasions a poker player faces some tough decisions. He usually hasfour choices to make: check, bet or call, raise, or fold. The player needs toestablish the approximate expectation of each possible move and choose the onethat has the best return to make a wise decision. Calculate the odds against you; make the bet if the return is greater ...
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how to play
Playingblackjack To win you need to beat the dealerwithout busting. You bust when your cardstotal to more than 21 and you lose automatically. The winner is whoeverhas closest to a total of 21. You reach 21 by adding up the values of differentcard in hand. The blackjack table seats about 6 players. Either six or eight decks of cards are used...
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playing online
Online poker is the game of poker played over the Internet. It has beenpartly responsible for a dramatic increase in the number of poker playersworldwide. Christiansen Capital Advisors stated online poker revenues grew from$82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion in 2005.The fun of onlinebingo has now turned out to be such a huge part of the...
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Game instructions
Card games are numerous and it?s not possible tocover them all in a small article. Moreover the rules and instructions fordifferent games are also numerous. If we take one game for example then it takeenough time to learn and play it, because every game has its own charm andfeeling. Instructions for one popular game are given below because most of th...
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Game odds
Now here aresome game odds regarding different card games.  Remember: Pluses sign increase your odds of winning,minuses sign decrease them.Blackjack Rule: Double Exposure Description: the cards are dealt face up,including the dealer's cards. Effect on Odds          +...
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stories about winning
A good casino winning story can getthe heart pounding. It can also cause the blood to boil. Individuals that havelogged long hours at the casino may experience a bit (or perhaps a lot) of envywhen hearing about the good fortune of others. However, even though most peopleexperience at least a twinge of jealousy, these types of stories do provide ame...
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online casinos
Online casinos,also known as virtual casinos orInternet casinos are onlineversions of traditional land based casinos. Online casinos enablegamblersto play and wager on casinogames through the internet.These online casinos are big source of money andentertainment for people where they can enjoy both.  It is good to know several thin...
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