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FIFA 17 Dribbling Tutorials
Players dribbling the ball in the road, met repeatedly arresting, and then observe each other's defense, as well as the side of the player moves, moving forward is clearly not a good choice. If hastily forward ball, two players will definitely come tackles, lateral the ball to escape the defensive, then look forward actively forward runs, but because the oth...
turn around, fifa 17, zhisai very, wrong place, ball, turned, forward - Posted by upfifa - Posted 5 Years Ago

Highest Effective FIFA 16 Players in Serie A
El MuleSerie A Sampdoria striker El 89 Mule acceleration and agility sprint 85 ball and 87 ball moves a penalty shot 73 of 77 and 79 foot shot against the power of dual-SM 4 star burst with the up and feel table bit like Sergio Aguero and Carlos Tevez binding version of the ball often made automatically as long as the price action of ghosts around 1700 Coi...
sliding tackles, long range, sprint speed, shot power, long, shot, serie - Posted by upfifa - Posted 5 Years Ago

FIFA 17 Shooting Tutorials: Precise finishing skills in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team
"FIFA 17" how accurate shot? Many small partner, said in a shot that is not the high side, so how to choose the manner and intensity of shot it? Today small to bring "FIFA 17" Precision Shooting practical operating skills, I hope you like it, with the view of it. fifaah.com is the most popular fifa 17 coins ps4 store for goods and service about 8 years exper...
fifa 17, long range, precision shooting, ordinary shot, shot, fifa, shooting - Posted by upfifa - Posted 5 Years Ago

FIFA16 handle relations by hiding the data analysis
Fifa 16 by hiding the data analysis of the relationship between the player's hand, the introduction on how to analyze the hidden data on the relationship between the player's hand, this presentation may still be more conventional, players to know the present situation of these characteristics, then how to choose it, mainly to see the data speak, so this anal...
offensive moves, fifa coins, relationship between, players hand, pishi, header, data - Posted by upfifa - Posted 5 Years Ago

Free FUT Draft Token in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
It’s a great time to get into FIFA Ultimate Team as we kick off a week full of exciting events.Free FUT Draft TokenThat’s right, if you log in within the next 72-hours (until April 25 at 10 am PT, 6 pm UK), you will find a FUT Draft Token waiting for you*. FUT Draft is your opportunity to play with some of the best items in the game and earn ...
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FIFA 17 Ratings: Players who deserve downgraded ratings
After our successful Top 10 Potential Upgrades in FIFA 17 game, we bring you the list of the players who deserve to have their ratings downgraded in FIFA 17.1. Eden HazardThe Belgian was looking ahead to have another amazing season with Chelsea after a title winning season. But, things did not go as planned. Hazard is one of the most underperforming player...
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FIFA 17 New Leagues Wishlist:
Indian Super league is one of the most fan demanded in FIFA 17. This football league in India involves eight-franchisee team from all over the country. Since 2013, ISL is in action and they play their major matches from September to December. However, this league is not much popular among media stream, but it has a great potential and it is quite popular amo...
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bns gold World PvP is completely optional for players
World PvP is completely optional for players, and is supported by a flagging system manipulated by the use of faction costumes (for example, Blade and Soul gold website Crimson Legion vs Cerulean Order).Players who wish to actively engage in player battles need to equip faction costumes and will be "flagged". They can then duel with the opponents who Blade...
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There is no penalty for killing any player of an opposing bns gold faction
World PvP is not equalized.There is no penalty for killing any player of an opposing faction.Putting on a faction costume also Blade and Soul gold site unlocks daily factions quests and faction-specific Windstride locations.RewardsOnce an opponent within a valid level range is successfully taken down, the player is rewarded with a temporary currency know...
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Blade and soul Gold World PvP Rewards
World PvP RewardsDefeating an opposing faction member within a valid level range provides you with temporary PvP currency known as Prestige Points.If you defeat a player of the opposing faction, Blade and Soul gold legit you are also able to steal their accumulated Prestige points. But be careful - they can do the same back to you!Prestige Points can be ...
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