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What to Do with Your Google Analytics Data?
Data that is collected for the purpose of using it to create campaigns that are going to generate convertible leads.Business is a science. When a young adult enters into a business degree program at a college or university, they are working towards a Bachelor of Science degree. They are doing coursework in statistics, finance, marketing, economics, and oth...
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How to Implement ERP Software Successfully ?
Since 1990, Enterprise Resource Orchestrating (ERP) software has gained immense popularity world over, thanks to its outstanding features. Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions ensures better optimization of resources, rise in profitability and keeping your customers happy with your services.Going for a plan that meets y...
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Control the Optimize anti-flicker script
A client just mailed me with the opening line “Happy FriYay!”. I love that. It makes me want to share cool stuff. Here’s an idea I’ve been brewing.I’m considering using Valuetrack parameters in Google Ads to power personalisation (p13n) treatments. Based on the ad headline or tone or message, we want to change the la...
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How I searched and found a company that delivers goods from China.
 As a business owner, I faced the problem that there are not many transport companies in our country that perform their tasks with dignity. But I will tell you about it in order.In developing my own business, I set myself the task of finding a reliable supplier of cargo from China. The stage of searching for organizations that provide quality logi...
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A Dynamic Approach, to a Dynamic Industry
If you have followed our journey, or just read some of our posts, you’ll know that curiosity is part of our DNA here at our company and it enables us to continuously improve and gather new insights. Testing is something we rely on heavily and we encourage all members to be bold with their tests whether it is bidding for profit or te...
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Tips For Planning A Social Media Strategy
Having a social media strategy is a vital part of your digital marketing plan. If you already have one, updating and upgrading your social media strategy periodically is important. Here are some tips that will help you to plan or upgrade your social media strategy:1. Take a look at your current use of social media. --> bulk reciprocal link c...
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Website Navigation: 6 Best Practices, Design Tips and Warnings
When it comes to Website Navigation, little things make a big difference in how successful a website is. The structure and labels of your navigation can have a huge impact on results. Navigation affects both traffic and conversion. The site’s navigation affects the traffic that comes into your website, how high you rank and how much traffic is coming...
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SEO and web development go hand in hand. SEO work in conjunction with web development work attract both the search engine spiders and target audience members to a website. However, web developers aren’t SEO professionals (just as SEO professionals aren’t web developers!). Sure, they might have some knowledge on the topic but when it comes down to...
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Mighty Big Day 2019 Key Takeaways
It’s done! Our first conference, Mighty Big Day, is in the books. It was a day of connection, education, and inspiration.In case you missed it, here are the key takeaways from the 2019 Mighty Big Day:Prove your value with a communications plan.In her “Building Your 2020 Communications Plan” session, Mighty Citizen’s CMO, Ra...
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ClearObject welcomes IBM to the ISO Certification club
Shout out to IBM and its Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) SaaS solution for successfully achieving ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certifications!As ISO Certification goes, ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard for data security best practices. The 27001 standard is also one of the few standards to incorporate a top-down, risk-based metho...
elm saas, iso 27001, data security, iso certification, saas, iso, elm - Posted by volkovich - Posted 1 Year Ago

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