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Why Education Industry Needs Voice Broadcasting?
Calls play an important role in various industries such as healthcare, politics, business, e-commerce, education and more. A voice call is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and send them a message.Simply, A Voice broadcasting is a magnificent communication facility that broadcasts your entire message over the phone to lakhs of call recip...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 6 Months Ago

Brand Building with Cloud Telephony
The heart of every dynamic economy is business. India is an ideal hub for startups and is all set to dominate the world in every marketplace. Companies are enforced to make continuous struggles to stay afloat. Our traditional term ‘Marketing’ changed its name to ‘Branding’ now. Branding is an essential component of success. Elating ...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 5 Months Ago

Emerging Cloud Telephony in the Business World
Our World is changing day by day and we are living in an Era of Cloud Telephony. This Flourishing cloud stream extended over to our telephonic communications as well.Exactly what is cloud telephony.?While we hear the term cloud telephony, it seems complicated but actually it’s really simple and easy to grasp what it is. It’s a method of deliv...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 10 Months Ago

Cloud Telephony Service in India Emerging in New path
 This century is leading in distinct of technology everywhere. Communication and communication systems are transformed in to a contemporary form without any hazzles. In past years, technology has overcome many obstacles and it can stand steady now and still evolving in many aspects. Cloud telephony services in India is one of the forever evolving tech...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 10 Months Ago

IVR Services in India Rising Up
Interactive Voice response which is shortened as IVR is now more popular for businesses in India. Simply, an IVR system is a system where our clients call is received by a pre-recorded professional message. This message can indicate 2 things about a company/Business. First is, Caller can feel a Professional manner while hearing such a warmth welcome greeting...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 10 Months Ago

Brand Your Business with Toll Free Number
With any business, branding is a major factor for success. Because brand name sells itself.The thing common with all brands, irrespective of industry, is observed from the quality of customer service they deliver. And the first point of customer service is delivered from the point a customer contacts your business.One thing every big brand has in common is...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 10 Months Ago

Design a Perfect IVR
Interactive Voice Response, in short, we call IVR solutions aid a business to boost their customer service experience by allowing the callers to choose their desired department or person to talk. Today, most of the businesses using IVR solutions to automate their customer service delivery and cut the cost of customer care. By using cloud-hosted IVRs, busin...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 4 Months Ago

Toll Free Numbers for Tours & Travel Companies
There are few things in life that can have a major impact on your overall wellbeing and traveling is one of them. Everyone likes to travel the world. According to some studies, The Tourism sector of India grew over by 30% in the six months from April-September, compared to a year ago. This powerful growth is now slowly re-shaping the tourism business. In tim...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 4 Months Ago

Why Businesses need a Virtual Number?
Nowadays, Entrepreneurs are more focused on their digital presence. After the products get in to shape, the very next important step is to build an outstanding website for the online presence. Before directly jumping into the market, one businessman needs to order the communication cycle of the business. The majority of Entrepreneurs will add their persona...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 7 Months Ago

Why Hosted IVR System for Small Businesses?
Because of the limitations in Traditional telephony systems, Business owners felt it as inefficacious. So, the role of the Hosted IVR System comes into play. This leading telecommunication technology rapidly achieving acceptance in almost everywhere in the world. To deliver an outstanding customer experience, most of the businesses are using it. Therefore, b...
Posted by voxbaysolutions - Posted 7 Months Ago

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