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SEO Versus AdWords
 The best practice is to use a mixture of both SEO and Adwords to keep your brand top of mind for internet searchers. Even though you rank in top positions in the organic search results, you should still consider using AdWords to target users who might not be as familiar with your brand.Here are a few other factors to consider when debating how much o...
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Using Keywords Strategically Part - II
Every blog entry you post gives you a new opportunity to use SEO keywords in your content. By performing keyword research, finding the keywords and phrases that searchers looking for a company like yours would most likely use, and then using those keywords strategically in your blog posts, you can really improve your search engine optimization results.&nbs...
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Why Blogging Is Important Part - I
One of the most important reasons why blogging is important, however, is because it can boost your SEO results. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a series of activities that optimizes your content in order to improve your organic, or “free,” traffic. The better you optimize your blog posts for SEO, the higher your webpages will be listed ...
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Here Are Some Of The Huge Benefits Of Social Media
Showcase your brand in global market among millions of viewers.Increased online exposureIncreased credibility of your businessBoost traffic on your websiteIncreased leads and sales.Reduced expenses from any other form of marketing.imageSome facts that you should know:72% of all internet businesses are now active on social media18-29 yea...
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Webigg Technology Is One The Best
Webigg Technology is one the best and strong marketer in the world of Online Marketing and advertisement. We don’t believing making those promises which we can can’t fulfil and let down later on. The client is an asset but the product we are working for is our reputation so we strongly focus to choose and market those keywords which are unique an...
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Points That Must Be Noted Before Getting The Business Listed Online On Google Lo
1.) AccuracyWhen you provide any information on the Google Local listing, it is important that you are absolutely accurate with the information you are updating. Google takes pride in authenticated information and in the case of any kind of malpractice your business will be taken down immediately. Thus, make sure while you’re dealing with Google it&r...
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Tools And Resources To Help You Retarget
While retargeting is clearly one of the best strategies for reaching out to customers who haven’t yet made a purchase, retargeting shouldn’t be approached without a strategy. Instead of retargeting without a plan, retargeting is most successful when paired with a great ad campaign, wonderful content marketing, and other strategies for driving cus...
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How Does Retargeting Work
Retargeting marketing works by following your website visitors, or your audience, as they travel throughout the web. When a person visits your site, a browser cookie is dropped. (A browser cookie is a small piece of data that embeds itself in a user’s browser, making it possible to see what websites the user is visiting). After the cookie is dropped, t...
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Demographic And Keyword Targeting
Google AdWords and other services allow for demographic and keyword targeting. But with Facebook, you can target keywords and demographic locations with far more precision.How? User profiles include their location. When you use geo-targeting, your ads only appear to people whose profiles contain your targeted location and/or location.Google AdWords doesn...
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Consider Using Your Keywords In The Videos Title
Consider using your keywords in the videos title. This is one of the main bits of information that YouTube and Google use to decide what your video is about.If your video is about another YouTuber then use their username in the title, this may help your video show up more in their related videos section.Describe your video thoroughly. Most people ignore ...
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