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Residential Solar Energy Storage Examined As A Promising Grid Resource
 While California is often at the forefront of solar development in the U.S., its ambitious targets for grid-tied energy storage makes it a world leader in evaluating technologies and creating policies that will shape energy storage's global deployment.Chris Edgette, senior advisor to the California Energy Storage Alliance, says solar deployment in ...
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BNEF: Renewables Will Account For Two-Thirds Of New Power Investment By 2030
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) says it expects .7 trillion to be invested globally in new generating capacity by 2030, with 66% of that going to renewable technologies including hydro.In a new report called BNEF 2030 Market Outlook, the company says that out of the .1 trillion to be spent on renewables, Asia-Pacific will account for .5 trillion,...
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GE, Arizona Public Service Researching Grid Impact Of Solar Energy
With energy experts forecasting substantial increases in solar power in the coming decades, GE researchers are working with Arizona Public Service (APS), the state's largest electric utility, to understand how large amounts of solar can best be integrated into today's grid.APS, along with four partners (including GE), was recently awarded a .3 million Hi...
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US? first trade group for distributed energy resources launches in Hawaii
 A trade council has been formed to support Hawaii’s aim of achieving 100% renewable energy generation by a group of behind-the-meter, distributed energy resource companies that includes solar microinverter maker Enphase.The newly formed Distributed Energy Resources Council (DERC) groups together six names in solar, energy storage and sustai...
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SEIA: U.S. Solar Market Hit Record Growth In 2008
The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has released its 2008 U.S. Solar Industry Year in Review, highlighting a third year of record growth. SEIA reports that 1,265 MW of solar power of all types were installed in 2008, raising total capacity 17% to 8,775 MW.The 2008 figure included 342 MW of solar photovoltaic, 139 MW of solar water heating, 762 M...
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Sulfurcell Lands Equity Funding From Intel For Thin-Film Tech Expansion
Sulfurcell, a manufacturer of sulfur-based and selenium-based thin-film solar modules, has secured 18.8 million euros in equity funding for the expansion and market introduction of its second-generation thin-film PV technology.The financing round was led by Intel Capital, the global investment arm of Intel Corp. Intel was joined by a group of leading Europ...
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Merkel hints at backing for MIP extension
 German chancellor Angela Merkel has apparently given her backing to an extension of trade measures against Chinese solar products.The European Commission is currently deciding whether to open a new investigation that would determine whether the existing trade duties would be extended. Current punitive tariffs and the minimum import price (MIP) and ...
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GCL-Poly raises US0 million from new bond
The largest polysilicon producer GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has secured approximately US0 million from a new corporate bond from qualified investors in China. GCL-Poly said that its polysilicon subsidiary Jiangsu Zhongneng had issued the first tranche of the bond and would use the net proceeds for general working capital needs. The first tra...
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Finca International plans solar microfinancing for 1.5 million Africans by 2019
Washington DC-based microfinance firm Finca International plans to provide affordable solar energy products to 1.5 million people in Africa by 2019, according to Finca International president and chief executive Rupert Scofield.The firm will also work on social enterprises for low-income consumers and small business to make progress on the off-grid marke...
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New Coalition Aims To Protect Solar Net Metering In California
A coalition of public health leaders and solar energy companies has formed a new organization, Californians Against Utilities Stopping Solar Energy (CAUSE) in order to combat what the group describes as monopoly utility efforts to kill rooftop solar.CAUSE, which has not yet announced a public website, is dedicated to maintaining a thriving solar market in ...
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