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Why Buy Respokare Anti Pollution Mask?
As the effect of pollution is not same for everyone so is the case with the anti-pollution masks. Not all masks are same some are outright dud while others give partial protection only a few and in fact, very few anti-pollution masks can live up to the claim they make. Since the pollution is directly linked with health and well being it is always advisable t...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

A Checklist For Those Who Are Hiring Wedding Planners This Season
“Marriages are made in heaven and done extravagantly in India” is the modified adage of our times. Indeed, there is nothing modest about an Indian wedding. Right from the dresses, to cuisine, to decoration to bridal makeup everything is done to get extra eyeballs and is made larger than life. No matter which class or community that wedding is tak...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

The enzymes in sugar industry
Enzymes the biological catalysts have changed the face of many industries including, textile, food, dairy, and sugar industry is no exception. Today enzymes are being used in sugar industry for achieving different goals though their role is somewhat limited. Today, Industrial enzymes suppliers in India are manufacturing a variety of enzymes for the sugar ind...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Makeup Trends You Need To Follow This Season
Besides clothing and accessory trends there are new trends in the industry that are upcoming this season. You absolutely need to check them out as they are created by some professional makeup artist. The best makeup artist in Delhi also follow these trends by heart now and it’s time for you to try these looks. Here is the list of some styles in trend....
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 2 Years Ago

Know Your Pepper Spray Better
There are various colours and layouts of Mace Key Guard Pepper Sprays. You can acceptably keep your pepper spray ready because of its firm design and it has a key ring which can be used as a key chain.Mace Key Guard Hard Case models are seasoned along with a safety cap which can be triggered when required. All you need to do is flex your thumb. Furthermore...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 2 Years Ago

4 Reasons For Investing In Local Seo Services
Local SEO has become more important than ever due to the growing use of mobile devices. Today, more people search on smartphones and tablets than on desktops. Whether is searching for a product or service near them, mobile provides a quick and easy way for the consumer to find your business. So you simply cannot ignore the importance of local SEO services In...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

5 Best Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations In Mumbai
Amidst the drama and the stress of planning your wedding, a pre-wedding shoot comes in handy as a much needed time out. Leave the strain of the preparations at home and indulge in some pampering with your fiancé. Get lost in the age old architecture, the scenic seaside, the edgy sea link and the vintage vibes Mumbai has to offer. Make memories with yo...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 2 Years Ago

7 Things You Must Consider Before Ordering A Wedding Cake
Cutting a wedding cake in Delhi is rather a new phenomenon albeit it is becoming an integral part of the Indian wedding rather fast. Since Indian wedding is always a traditional affair in which the hosts, as well as the guests, love to do it in age-old fashion, the cake ceremony is a new addition but interestingly it is being liked by one and all. Like in a ...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

All The Technical Details Of The Pepper Spray That You Must Know
Pepper Spray is a highly recommended self-defense product for women but not many people know about its technical details. Though it is a simple and effective self-defense product its making is rather complex and based on solid research and years of testing and development.Pepper spray which is also known as capsicum spray is a lachrymatory agent, a chemica...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

Vogmask: A Style Statement That Is A Lifesaver Too!
People today are far more aware of the hazards of pollution than they were three years back;  thanks to the awareness campaigns as well as the increasing pollution levels in the cities that has forced people to consider it seriously. Many brands have suddenly emerged and are selling pollution mask, some are good others outright dud. Indeed a Mask For Po...
Posted by yashiganguly - Posted 1 Year Ago

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