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Trust Worthy Real Estate Consultants in Dubai
Buying a 'House of your dreams' today, is a tedious process. Searching for areas that are under our budget, then getting the land estimated, and if buying flats or houses it is mandatory to check for it to be legal. This does not end here, again you will have to apply for the necessary monetary transactions, then again an endeavor of loan documents and proof...
real estate, vintage real, fam properties, estate consultants, real, estate, dubai - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

List of Authentic Afghani Restaurants in Dubai
Are you searching for Afghani restaurants in Dubai? If you are longing to have Afghani food with a taste that lingers in your mouth, then we can help you choose one with the new local search engine Connect.ae and its application that is compatible with all android and iOS devices. There are many Afghani restaurants in Dubai so choosing one is difficult task....
afghani restaurants, authentic afghani, afghani food, mouth watering, afghani, food, restaurants - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Connect.ae, a Best Guide for Finding Local Places Right on your Smartphone!
Connect.ae is an excellent digital multi-platform launched in the UAE. It is an online local search app that helps to find places for business or leisure located close to your area. The mobile application gathers, filters and delivers accurate results on your mobile without charging you any penny. Search for hotels, restaurants, salons, spas, business center...
connect ae, mobile application, search app, navigation feature, connect, ae, application - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Now Find Shopping Malls in Dubai With the Help of Connect.ae
For people living in the UAE, shopping isn't complete if you don't visit some of the finest malls in the Dubai city. These are the malls where entertainment never ends. You will notice that Dubai's malls have become more of a tourist destination due to its extravagant shopping, eating and entertainment options. What used be only a place for the retail shop h...
shopping malls, ibn battuta, zayed road, worlds largest, shopping, malls, mall - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Find Local Information on Connect.ae, UAE's First Local Search Engine
With smartphones and quick internet access, now-a-days it's not tough to gather information instantly. Rather, even movie tickets or hotel bookings are now possible through a mobile device right away. There are many sources on search engines through which you can find information about a business but what if you have a local search app that provides all busi...
connect ae, local search, search app, phone number, search, connect, business - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

How Connect.ae Can be Useful to You?
Looking for a place to meet new friends? Or Searching for entertainment option? Connect.ae allows you to search great places close by. Right from advertising agencies, petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, to salons to finding movie schedule, you can find anything. The local search tool is available only in the UAE. Connect.ae features more than 10,000 busin...
connect ae, local search, mobile phone, youre traveling, connect, ae, place - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Top 5 Car Accessories You Should Buy for Your Car
If you're one of those who has just got a new car or already have one, then we would help you out what car accessories you should buy to bring that extra convenience and comfort. Living in UAE, then owning a car is an essential thing owing to the warm climate. Thinking where you can buy car accessories? With Connect.ae, the UAE- specific local search mobile ...
car accessories, rear seat, car accessory, seat entertainment, car, accessories, seat - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Get to Know The Popular Afghan Restaurants in Dubai With The Help of Connect.ae
The relishing Qabeli Pallaw Rice, fried copped carrots and raison, veggie or non veggie dumplings make up for a delightful Afghani treat. If you love Afghani food, you will find some of the finest restaurants in Dubai itself. The food combines the best flavors of Indian and Middle East that bring a unique taste to delicacies. If you're looking for Afghani Re...
connect ae, bilal afghani, afghani restaurant, afghani polaw, restaurant, afghani, food - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Connect ? Your Ultimate Local Search Guide
In UAE, a new local search app has been launched for iOS and Android smartphones. It's called “Connect.ae”, which is a quick and easy mobile application that helps you find nearby by points of interest. It grabs your current location thanks to its GPS feature and suggests you interesting places whether it's for business or leisure. Look for resta...
local search, search app, mobile app, particular place, search, connect, app - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

Search For famous Art Galleries on Connect.ae
If you're art fanatic, then art galleries in UAE will actually interest you. Such places bring to light the insights into the history of the place where you visit, as well as art tests your patience when you want to understand really the meaning of the artistic paintings. Many think that art galleries are only meant “high-class” people, this is n...
art galleries, abu dhabi, connect ae, art gallery, gallery, art, galleries - Posted by yashna2015 - Posted 5 Years Ago

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