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Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co.Ltd., was established in 2010.
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Company Introduction
 Dongguan Yiheda Automation Co.,Ltd established in 2010 and registered capital of the company is 65.93 million RMB. There are 1500 staff in the company and more than 110 members in development team.In the upstream supply chain of automation equipment, Yiheda FA division, aluminum profile division and precision manufacturing division have built a compl...
yiheda automation, registered capital, million rmb, ltd established, automation, yiheda, inspection - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Visual Inspection
 Visual inspect syste With the combination of lighting, image and data processing, the visual inspection system can detect and monitor the production process and product appearance damage, which guarantees the high quality of products.Visual inspection has been wildly use in many fields such as automotive, low voltage electr...
visual inspection, image processing, production process, pattern recognition, visual, inspection, image - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Conveyors are used for product conveying. There are different types of the conveyor, which can be used for conveying various kinds of products.Flexible conveyor is a device designed to transport raw materials, semi-finished products or products in order to improve the efficiency of processing or production. The products can be conveyed from one place to an...
belt conveyor, assistant manipulator, production efficiency, nc lathe, production, manipulator, conveyor - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Automatic Welding
 With the development automation technology, automatic welding technology is more advanced. Automatic welding machine plays an important role in the application of various industries, and its application is expanding rapidly. In the modern industrial production, the mechanization and automation of the welding production process are the inevitable tren...
welding equipment, automatic welding, welding process, welding power, welding, process, position - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Automatic Assembly
 Nowadays, automated assembly technology is gradually replacing the manual assembly, since it can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency and product stability. Yiheda has wealth of experience in developing automated assembly machine for many industries, such as automotive, low voltage electrical, hardware, precision electronics...
automatic assembly, assembly machine, assembly equipment, work piece, assembly, machine, work - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Technical Applications
Yiheda Automation R & D team can provide you with professional solutions, we have developed many machines for different industries, such as automatic assembly, automatic welding, visual inspection, laser marking, robot integeration, recording and traceability and other custom machine. 3Substitute for man99%Capacity upgr...
mechanical automation, automation devices, non standard, standard automation, mechanical, devices, automation - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Oil Tube Welding Machine
The Oil Tube Welding Machine with the linear arrangement is composed of oil tube automatic feeding station, riveting station, unloading station and glue coating station, etc., which can complete automatic feeding, automatic adjustment of the material position and sorting function. The control system has many functions of adjustment and process diagnostic suc...
oil tube, welding machine, tube welding, tube automatic, tube, machine, oil - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Low Voltage Switch Assembly Machine
Introduction of Low Voltage Switch Assembly MachineThe low voltage switch assembly machine automated production machinery completes multiple functions such as semi-finished product feeding, semi-finished product assembly, finished product detection and OK product sorting, etc. By utilizing the joint robot technology to implement the transfer and picku...
voltage switch, switch assembly, assembly machine, finished product, switch, machine, product - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Curtain automatic cutting and packing machine
Curtain automatic cutting and packing machine The machine is composed of 17 stations such as automatic sorting, ultrasonic welding, assembly, wiring, cutting, labeling and marking, etc. The curtain width is 3200mm.Machine feature of Curtain automatic cutting and packing machineAutomatically labeling and marking, there will be no missing pos...
packing machine, automatic cutting, ofcurtain automatic, missing post, machine, cutting, automatic - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

Central Bolt Automatic Assembly Line
The central bolt automatic assembly machine completes bolt assembly, detection, laser marking, data recording and other requirements, which is composed of spring base press-fitting station, valve sleeve assembly station, spring and valve core assembly station, laser marking, thread detection and traceability system, et...
bolt automatic, automatic assembly, laser marking, data recording, assembly, machine, bolt - Posted by yihedaautomation - Posted 1 Year Ago

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