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Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang
I'm the sales manager of Yunna, I'm glad to meet new people,
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Office Worker Can Try to Stand to Work, Sitting and Standing Alternately, Make H
Frank is glad he chose the Internet company, which is quite different from the traditional business he worked for before.In his previous company, employees were working from nine -to -five, with rules and regulations. Although there was not much overtime, the culture in the company was rather dull. The boss was very dignified and paid attention to the dist...
standing alternately, wooden table, wear comfortable, standing desk, standing, company, office - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

Office Waist Guard Artifact, The Desk Lift Station
It is said that people's life has become more convenient since the computer came into being, but all kinds of diseases have found our bodies, especially computer practitioners, who spend at least eight hours a day sitting at the computer desk nervously busy with their lives, of course, some people are for entertainment. Because of this, various diseases caus...
lift station, desk lift, lifting platform, thedesk lift, station, lift, desk - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

Ordinary Table VS Easy Lift Desk, Who Is Your First Choice!
With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and touch technology is closely related to our lives. Correspondingly, the office workers also "mobile" with the mobile Internet. Office, it is no longer meaning sitting in front of a fixed computer and desk all day! A brand new office...
stand up, mobile internet, up office, rapid development, office, desk, mobile - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Future Has Come, The Electric Adjustable Stand up Desk Has Become The Trend
Sedentary is harmful! The electric adjustable stand up desk turned out to be so important: According to the University of Regensburg in Germany, if you sit for 2 more hours a day, the risk of lung cancer will increase by 6%, the risk of colon cancer will increase by 8% and the risk of women with uterine cancer increases by 10%. Ac...
stand up, adjustable stand, up desk, electric adjustable, up, stand, adjustable - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

A Japanese Company Launched A Standing Computer Desk To Prohibit Employees From
In order to improve the efficiency of employees' work, a Japanese company has specially ordered a gray standing table that can only be used for standing, and prohibits employees from using the computer while sitting in a chair. This new office concept is designed to make it easier for employees to focus on their work and prevent employees from working long a...
japanese company, standing computer, specially ordered, prevent employees, work, employees, standing - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

What Is The Experience When You Have A Raisable Computer Desk!
When we DIY our computer host, we added various lighting effects, various decorations and the visual feeling is very cool, but the actual experience is very general. If we use a raisable computer desk, what kind of experience will it be? ? The foreign genius has developed a computer desk with a computer and a display, which is cool, but the cos...
computer desk, raisable computer, visual feeling, very cool, computer, very, desk - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

For Health Reasons, You Should Avoid Sedentary And Automatically Change The Heig
More and more office people realize that long-term sedentary will cause harm to the body, so many programmers living in the Imperial City will choose to stand up for health, but they can be standing tired for a day, right? The standing table is a smart desk that automatically adjusts the height. Its first feature is self-learning. You only need to m...
term sedentary, standing table, long term, few days, standing, sedentary, height - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

Fast Switching Between Standing and Sitting Postures
There is no way to stand in the office, so the workbench must be able to let you switching quickly between standing and sitting in the office. To Shengzhou Dingke, this adjustable sit stand desk converter can quickly rise and fall and has a wide range of adjustments. It is very friendly to users of different statures. It adopts the X-type vertical lifti...
stand desk, sit stand, desk converter, adjustable sit, stand, desk, very - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

Workplace Chronic Suicide Prevention Artifact--Desktop Adjustable Stand up Desk
As office workers and literary workers, they all have the habit of sitting and working. They often sit for a day. Even when they come home from work, they are still sitting in front of the computer. Busy work makes it difficult for you to relax and stretch your whole body. Sitting still for 8 hours every day will bring various harms to your bodies, such as s...
stand up, adjustable stand, up desk, thedesktop adjustable, stand, up, sitting - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

If You Buy A Computer Bracket for 100 yuan, You Can Ease the Burden on Your Cerv
I want to share my daily work. I have at least 10 hours a day to face the computer, and play a mobile phone on the way to and from work. The back pain need not be said, and the most important is often headache. However, a hospital examination only found that the original cervical vertebra problem, often bowed to the computer mobile phone, my cervical vertebr...
stand sit, share my, my daily, mobile phone, computer, work, stand - Posted by yunnadesk - Posted 1 Year Ago

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