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What are the characteristics of copper socks?
Copper socks can help protect your feet from keeping warm, supporting and filling, reducing friction and even absorbing moisture. Copper socks infused with copper ions have been scientifically proven and have been used as antibacterial agents throughout history, which means that copper socks are antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal.How much do you know ...
copper socks, reducing friction, fungal infections, even absorbing, socks, feet, copper - Posted by yunyingjj09 - Posted 21 Hours Ago

Can yoga clothes be washed in a washing machine?
It should be divided into the quality of yoga clothing. If it is a very expensive yoga clothing, the trademark in it should say whether it can be machine washed or soaked, etc., if it is ordinary yoga clothing, there is no such clear trademark, then it is generally Cotton or cotton plus Lycra, this should be washable in a washing machine. If you are...
yoga clothing, yoga clothes, washing machine, very expensive, yoga, machine, clothing - Posted by yunyingjj09 - Posted 12 Days Ago

Wooden crib is better
The wooden crib is made of birch and pine, which is easy to clean and wipe, and after the baby's range of activity is large, the wooden bed is not easy to hurt the head or limbs compared to the iron bed. The spine of the human body has three physiological curvatures, namely neck curvature, chest curvature and waist curvature. As the organs of infant...
wooden crib, wooden bed, young children, three physiological, wooden, spine, bed - Posted by yunyingjj09 - Posted 16 Days Ago

How to clean the children dining chair
How to clean the children's dining chair? Children's dining chairs are not cleaned and maintained well, and they are also very vulnerable to damage. The baby's dining chair may be injured because of the damage, but how to clean the baby dining chair? If you want to know, take a look at the following article prepared by the editor! 1 Do not wash and ...
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Are there any formaldehyde - baby bed crib
Many parents to buy baby bed, found that there is a strong smell coming from the crib, the brain can be reflected the first question is if there is formaldehyde crib. Below, we learn about the this problem. The making process of the crib in formaldehyde as a preservative treatment more or less will have access to, for example, the crib bed board are...
baby bed, human body, buy baby, formaldehyde crib, parents, formaldehyde, crib - Posted by yunyingjj09 - Posted 21 Days Ago

What are the categories of customized matching office furniture?
In addition to the main desk and chair, there are also matching office furniture products to be customized and purchased. There are many benefits to customizing a complete set of office furniture, and many companies are more than happy to combine them all at once when customizing office furniture. What are the categories of supporting office workers? How to ...
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What are the functions of silicone phone case in addition to protection
Today’s products have not only one function, but various functions. Because of these functions, our products have so many functions. The same is true for silicone mobile phone cases. In addition to protection, what other functions do silicone phone casehave? 1. A variety of colors can be printed on the silicone mobile phone case, which has t...
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Maintenance method of mattress protector
Get up in the morning and lift the sheets for a few hours to let the mattress breathe fully. Use a soft brush to gently sweep around the mattress to remove floating soil. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, as the dust inside the mattress generally cannot penetrate the surface cushion material and be sucked out. Using a mattress protector is a simple and...
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What is the difference between silk sleepwear and ice silk sleepwear?
What is real silk? The so-called real silk is a finished fabric woven from mulberry silk. The main feature of real silk is that it feels very silky, has excellent moisturizing properties, will not burn when exposed to an open flame, and has excellent safety performance! What is ice silk? Ice silk is a kind of viscose fiber fabric. It is mainly a tex...
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Fabrics and maintenance methods of silk sleepwear
Some people prefer to wear silk sleepwear, but do you know how to maintain silk sleepwear? How to maintain silk sleepwear1. Silk fabrics are not resistant to light, especially avoid being exposed to strong sunlight and being directly irradiated by ultraviolet rays, so they must be placed in a dark place during daily storage.2. This effectively p...
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