Demand for high-quality injection molding machines

Posted by sere on December 10th, 2020

The precision injection molding machine can save the space of the equipment site and improve the utilization efficiency of the site. This advantage is very important for the purification workshop of precision electronic products.


Precision injection molding machines happen to be able to achieve this effect, because the structure design on the equipment is more precise, the structure is relatively compact, and it will not be too enlarged to waste space.


If it is said that in the early stage, it will not cause any trouble for the equipment with too large equipment, but with the development of the company’s business in the later stage, there will be insufficient production sites, the cost of manual production will be relatively high and the energy consumption generated will also bigger.


 This will cause a serious decline in the company's interests, so the manufacturer of the injection molding machine decided to produce a product with a relatively large output and the precision of the injection molding machine.


The precision injection molding machine can save a lot of labor cost and get a relatively high return efficiency.

Because of the rapid development of China's injection molding machine industry, the supply of general-quality injection molding machines exceeds demand, and the sales volume is only one-third of the peak period.

 But for high-quality injection molding machines, its market demand has been gradually showing an upward trend. The demand for all-electric, precision injection molding machines has increased. These industries are mainly used in the sunrise industries of electronic communications, home appliances, automobiles, etc. These industries have relatively high requirements in terms of processing conditions. , So he has higher requirements for the accuracy of the injection molding machine.


The combined application of a variety of rubber and plastic materials, coupled with injection molding technology can effectively improve the problem of stress damage caused by injection molded parts under vibration. There will also be a relatively large market for new injection molding machines in the near future, especially in the home appliances, automotive and other industries. In these industries, the appearance requirements are still relatively high, and more attention is paid to the use time of the products.

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