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Posted by Rahul Shah on December 12th, 2020

Backpacks are one of the most functional and fashionable accessories of the modern-day. A daily commuter cannot think of traveling without a backpack in today's time. Be it school or college students or office-goers, everyone needs a nice spacious bag to keep all their things organized. These days a lot of different kinds of backpacks like embroidered backpacks, printed backpacks, custom backpacks, etc. The use of promotional backpacks is also on the rise.

Gone are the days when backpacks were considered casual and suitable only for students or used only during traveling. In today's time backpacks are designed keeping in mind the large group of people it has to serve. The present-day backpacks make you look mature and fit within your overall personality. Whether you dress up professionally or casually, backpacks complement your overall ensemble. Backpacks are very durable and comfortable.

The high utility and wide reach of the backpacks have made it one of the favorite items used as promotional gifts. Smart companies take advantage of this dynamic and versatile piece of accessory to expand their reach and create brand awareness. The promotional backpacks are widely used for marketing brands, companies, organizations, events, or special causes. By offering custom printed backpacks you can achieve wide marketing goals.

Who can use custom backpacks?

  1. Businesses and Corporates: Businesses aiming to expand their reach and increase brand visibility can use brand name and logo printed backpacks as promotional gifts or giveaways to woo clients and employees. Your customers will love to receive a highly usable gift from your company as a token of appreciation for showing trust in your brand. This also gives a sense of uniformity to the employees. All the people that you will give this promotional gift will then act as brand advocates for your business. Wherever they go with your logoed backpacks, they will make people aware of your existence. These people will be your brand ambassadors in disguise. Thus it will increase brand awareness and visibility bringing loads of goodwill for the business.
  2. Educational Institutions: Marketing is everywhere. It is not just the big brands that market themselves but every other business wants to expand its reach and gain a competitive advantage. Educational institutions are no exception. Colleges and coaching Institutes have started giving custom printed backpacks to their students and staff. It not only brings in a sense of consistency but spreads awareness about their Institutes. College students find solace in backpacks when it comes to choosing everyday bags for carrying their essentials like books, laptops, and other important stuff.
  3. Gym and other sports club owners: As mentioned earlier, backpacks have wide utility. It is not just the students or office goers who love backpacks but sportsmen and gym lovers too like carrying their essentials well-organized in a nice backpack. This is an opportunity for gym and sports club owners to earn new memberships by giving their company name printed backpacks to their current members and let them sell your membership on your behalf.

What are the benefits of promotional backpacks?

  1. Promotional backpacks have a large imprint area offering plenty of room for your company’s logo, advertising tagline, contact information, and more.
  2. A customized laptop backpack helps to increase your brand exposure. Backpacks are utilized in several ways. The more people use your personalized backpack, the more is your brand's exposure.
  3. Custom logo backpacks work well to promote your brand outdoors. When people are carrying your personalized backpack, they also carry your brand name. There are no limits as to where your brand might reach.
  4. Customized backpacks have long-lasting effects. People who would carry these customized backpacks with the name of your brand will work as the brand ambassador of your brand and help it become a common name in the market.
  5. Logo printed backpacks act as long-run advertisements. Since they are very durable and people generally possess a backpack for more than a year or two, it will keep reminding them and the people around them of your brand.
  6. Embroidered backpack with brand logo boosts your brand image. If you want to attract clients who regularly attend meetings, conventions, and the like, then give them a bag they can use regularly for a long time. High-quality gifts will form a positive perception in the minds of the consumers thus contributing to the goodwill of the company.

So get your brand on the move with personalized backpacks and leave a strong imprint in the minds of your consumers. The best site to buy backpacks online is PrintStop. You can trust us. If you wish to buy a designer backpack online in India, you are on the right page. PrintStop offers the best professional backpacks that can be customized to meet your end needs.

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