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Posted by tedmark on May 4th, 2014

Specialists in robotics develop man-made mechanical devices that can move by themselves, whose motion must be modelled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose motion behavior can be influenced by “programming”. Robots are called “intelligent” if they succeed in moving in safe interaction with an unstructured environment, while autonomously achieving their specified tasks. And, considering the robot technology news and military technology news, the future of labor and the military in an age of increasing automation is a topic that a lot of thinkers have considered.

Some experts state that automation only happens when machines are cheaper to run than people and, that in the last few decades, automation has not happened quite as fast as one might have anticipated because companies have discovered that labor in emerging markets is cheaper than the cost of investing in machinery. But as the standard of living rises in emerging markets, and the cost of technology falls, that will not remain the case. So keeping track with the latest robot technology news can go a long way!

If you were to agree with some of the robot technology news out there, in theory, physical labor may become totally obsolete. If every house has a decentralized energy source like solar panels and reliable energy storage, as well as an advanced 3-D printer or molecular assembler that can produce almost physical object imaginable from a few basic recyclable chemicals then human poverty will essentially have been abolished. We can just spend the vast majority of our time doing things that we enjoy, while spending only a few minutes or at most hours a day programming our machines to fulfil our material desires.

On the other hand, thanks to military technology news, we found out that robots in the military are no longer the stuff of science fiction. They have left the movie screen and entered the battlefield. Robots are increasingly taking over more soldier duties with predictions that as much as 30% of the U.S. Army will be robotic by 2020. All of the army's robotic force is tele-operated, meaning there is someone operating the robot from a remote location, perhaps often with a joystick and a computer screen. While this may seem like a caveat in plans to add robots to the military, it is actually very important to keep humans involved in the robotic operations.

Robots are already finding a place among deployed troops. Military technology news showed the world that there are unmanned aerial vehicles and ground robots for explosives detection. Robotics advancements do, however, raise new ethical questions, such as where to place the blame if a robot kills someone. Nevertheless, as the technology progresses, more robots are being sent into battle first.

Staying up to date with the robot technology news and military technology news can show you how the many advantages of robotics have opened the door for robots to be used in almost every field. Their ability to be customized provides the flexibility to use them for a variety of tasks.

It’s not hard to stay up to date with the military technology news or the robot technology news. Don’t miss out on the important things that are happening in the world of robotics!

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