How to Become Skilful at Playing Country or Celtic Harmonica

Posted by tedmark on February 23rd, 2015

If you are a fan of traditional music and you want get better at playing this versatile instrument, you should acquire some tips, in order to help you find proper instruction. Learn about different alternatives for becoming skillful at playing country or Celtic harmonica.

There are basically there types of harmonicas, and each type was designed to suit different musical genres. You can play any type of popular music on a diatonic harmonica. The chromatic one is more suitable for jazzy and blues register, while the so called tremolo harmonicas are ideal for traditional music, as well. Folk, country, Scottish, Irish, or gospel music can be rendered by tremolo harmonicas. Diatonic harmonicas are the oldest and classic versions of this enchanting instrument. What you also need to know about this instrument is that it’s very complex, versatile, and it takes lots of dedication and practice to acquire professional skills at playing it.

Pending on your time, main purpose and determination, there are several alternatives and opportunities to help you make progress with your Celtic harmonica, or country harmonica. After you decide on that aspect you should think whether you want be autodidact or get some professional tuition from a versatile and experienced country and Celtic harmonica player. One thing that you must know from the start is that you can’t acquire satisfactory progress unless you get some sort of professional instruction.

For those who want to have an autodidact approach, there are numerous videos that focus on techniques and proper handling of the Celtic and country harmonica. You can watch and learn from videos that are available online. If you need a more systematic scheme you can search for professional DVDs for beginners, which are very affordable and accessible from Amazon. There are also books you can order from there.

If your time allows it, you might consider attending the lessons provided by a harmonica school. This way you can make sure that you progress continuously. With each lesson you can learn a new tune. You get the chance to develop your techniques, your rhythm, and ear, acquire theoretical knowledge, and participate in different activities. Workshops and summer camps offer you the chance to interact with other people who also love to play the Celtic or country harmonica. These opportunities can prove to be very fruitful, enjoyable and lead to fulfilling experiences.

There are also alternatives for those who can’t attend the lessons provided by a Celtic and country harmonica school. You can benefit from the online version of attending lessons. This is quite a popular learning process that gains more attention and interest from really busy people who want to acquire new skills. Online lessons supported by Skype platform offer a great solution for those who want have one to one interaction with their teacher. All you need to do is take the time to find a great harmonica teacher who delivers online lessons. Therefore, strongly consider your intentions, your time availability, and the best instruction alternative for achieving your goals.

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