How To Find Real Estate Wholesale Deals

Posted by MichealH Alexander on December 13th, 2020

This training is for real estate Wholesalers, Investors, Realtors, Brokers, and basically anyone who wants to find a house dirt cheap. In this course today we will talk about how to effectively place your signs, developing and purchasing buyers list, developing & purchasing sellers list, importing those list into a multi-line professional caller.  Cold Calling real estate wholesaling is a top priority for you every day.

How To Find Real Estate Wholesale Deals?

Now that you know what wholesaling is, that you like the idea and want to get stated ASAP, the first question you do to yourself is How I Find These Deals?

Check Out Our To-Buy List for Wholesaling

You can start by buying some of Our Contact Lists and add that data to your system. We already did a big, heavy work for you and collected contact information from sellers in many areas.

Our sellers list includes name, contact info, house, and neighborhood information.

You can also get an Expired or For Sale By Owners list.

People In-Need list is built with contact info from people that may be urgently looking for money. How can you identify them? Using water disconnected notices, bankruptcy files, foreclosure notices, tax in default.

Partnering with someone in your area will help you save money by splitting the contact list cost. You will both benefit and for a part of the price.

Finding Wholesale Deals Is All About Marketing Yourself

We will talk about the ratios and numbers that break down how advertising and marketing dollars should be spent. In real estate marketing we will discuss staying organized in your multi-line professional caller. We will talk about the setup of your multi-line professional cold caller. And lastly, we talked about social media advertising to attract sellers and buyers to your website. Wholesale Real Estate Companies

Invest On Bandit Signs

If they are legal in your state, you can leverage for this great alternative. Yes, having them printed and installed may take a few hundred dollars. But think of this: if these signs get you at least one deal, they would be worth the money.

Are you starting with no funds? You can always do them yourself! Buy a big fat market and some blank sings and fill them with your info, 3-4 lines, your vanity number, your website and place them around your area. Remember to use contrasting colors, installing them above eye level in posts or use stakes to put them in the ground.

The Secret To Success In Real Estate Wholesale With Bandit Sings

Master your farm area. Get to know the area you plan to work very well before you start. Don’t waist your time, effort, and money in an area with a super low turnover rate.

Also drive around the area, create your own pinpoint map with your phone or take pictures of the places you want to have your signs installed.

Work on Your Wholesale Mastermind

These are two important things you must cultivate to grow your wholesale business:

The Power Of Delegating In Wholesale Real Estate

You don’t have to personal take care of every little task in your business to have it done right. Delegate the simple tasks that may take some good time from you and use that time to get yourself to the next level, to constantly improve yourself.

Virtual wholesaling means you can do this from anywhere… Just delegate the tasks like Max Maxwell.

Work on your alliances

Realtors, bankers, loan officers, title company workers, escrow agents, county front desk, state lawyers… This is the people you need around you! Build quality relationships, bring value to them, be there for them and they’ll be willing to help you along the way.

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