Drug and substance abuse evaluations and assessment

Posted by Affordable Evaluations on December 17th, 2020

Often you come across with people who get addicted to intoxicating substances like alcohol, drugs or other that affect their behavior and performance. An addicted individual is always prone to have mental and physical disorders and committing offenses that are liable for punishment.

Rehabilitation programs can help such people in restoring their mental and physical health and help them return to their normal life and jobs. Such individuals need to undergo substance abuse evaluations so as to plan and initiate rehabilitation program following alcohol or drug evaluation

For the purpose of substance abuse evaluations there are a myriad of centers for drug evaluations in Houston.

What is substance abuse evaluation?

Substance abuse evaluations are basic clinical diagnostic tools that help determine the condition of person suffering and struggling with addiction. Primarily, substance abuse evaluations are considered as a precursor to addiction therapy or rehabilitation plan.

Before initiating a treatment plan, need based evaluations are conducted that helps:

• Determine whether it is alcohol or drug addiction
• Assess  extent of individual’s drug or alcohol addiction
• Evaluate the magnitude and effect of substance on individual’s health and daily life
• Identifying if there are any co-occurring conditions
• Knowing whether addiction drug has been caused using single or poly-drugs
• Understand the amount, frequency and duration of drug taken by the person

Detailed evaluations are useful for the treatment team in designing or creating an individualized care plan to suit to the person and ensure the best possible chance at recovery.

The screening tools commonly employed for screening include:

• CAGE Questionnaire
• Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI)
• Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI)
• State Specific Inventories

The professionals like doctors can assess and interpret results better and can offer required treatment support and direction. Whereas substance abuse assessment explains the type or nature of addiction. It also helps to ascertain the possible diagnosis.

This means substance abuse assessment helps in identifying presence or absence of a problem like drug or alcohol addiction and helps designing customized need based treatment plan.

Most common tools employed for substance abuse assessment include:

• Diagnostic Interview Schedule IV
• Addiction Severity Index

Invariably, in legal cases that have involvement of substance abuse, judges in court also order for a drug and alcohol evaluation.

Court ordered Drug and Alcohol Evaluations

In order to resolve or give verdict in some of the conviction cases in Houston, involving substance use or abuse, a judge often order for drug evaluations Houston by state certified agency.

Alcohol and drug evaluations Houston are requested by courts can be due to:

• DUI (driving under the influence)
• DWI (driving while intoxicated)
• Misbehavior or disorderly conduct in society or public place
• MIP (minor in possession)
• Public intoxication
• Possession of false identification

Drug evaluations in Houston are extremely beneficial for workers as they ensure their DISA return to duty and save their careers for many more years. People falling victim to alcohol or drug abuse, failing a drug test or wishing to return and resume their work with dignity, can contact Affordable solutions.

The organization is one of the most reliable and trustworthy organizations that have helped many DOT employees through our skilled and efficient SAP-guided program to return to their work successfully.

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