5 Easy Self-Care Habits To Improve Your Immunity

Posted by Anil Kumar G on December 18th, 2020

Your immune system is the most important line of defence against communicable and non-communicable diseases. Therefore, it is essential that for a healthy living, we boost our immunity. 

If you are wondering how to boost your immune system, then the first thing you should do is make sure that you have a balanced diet. A balanced diet will give you all the important immune system booster vitamins. Our immune response capacity starts to diminish as we age, which in turn can lead to infections and cancer. As life expectancy has risen in developing countries, so has the prevalence of conditions linked to age.

In addition to this, you should also pay attention to your skincare. Use mostly natural products on your skin to protect it from harmful substances and allergens. 

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Immune System Healthy?

The immune system comprises cells, proteins, tissues, and organs that are involved in several biological processes. These processes prevent pathogens from destroying bodily functions. White blood cells, lymph nodes and vessels and bone marrow are important components of the immune system. To function properly, it needs balance and harmony. 

The immune system is important because it protects your body from viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells. Your immune system is capable of developing antibodies against antigens or harmful, foreign molecules that enter the body. After the first time, these antibodies are stored and are used if the antigens attack again.  

How To Boost the Immune System Naturally?

Our immune system is complex as it has to fight off a variety of germs and illnesses but also shouldn't be working to allow there are several foods and drinks to boost the immune system. Many healthy habits can be of help. 

If you wish to know how to boost the immune system naturally, follow the 5 self-care tips given below. 

  1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta carotene that can improve your body's resistance against infections. Fruits and vegetables also have antioxidants that prevent cell membranes and enzymes from being damaged by pathogens. 

  1. Drink less alcohol: While relaxing with a glass of wine after a long day might sound good, you should only drink in moderation. High consumption of alcohol can affect your immune system and increase the risk of heart diseases. 

  1. Clean your skin every day: You should wash your skin every day; once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. If you leave the house, then wash your hands, feet and face immediately after returning. It is important to allow natural oils to stay on your skin as they form a protective layer. Therefore, do not use harsh cleansing products that have chemical additives. 

  1. Get proper sleep: You should sleep for at least 7 hours every day. Proper sleep boosts immunity by improving the functioning of T cells. These prevent viral infections like flu and the common cold. 

  1. Exercise regularly: Exercising every day keeps your blood pressure at the right level. It would help if you had a workout routine to reduce stress as stress makes you vulnerable to infections. If you exercise regularly, you will stay fit, and your immunity will improve. 

  1. Hydrate: It's important to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Drink plenty of water, fluids throughout the day. Water is important to boost your immune system. Being dehydrated can slow down the movement of your lymph which carries crucial nutrients & infection-fighting immune cells. This, in return, can lead to an impairment of your immune system. 

Your immune system is quite capable, but you can always give it an extra push. You can boost your immunity healthily. With a balanced diet, you can also introduce supplements to boost your immune system. Consuming herbs, and spices like turmeric, clove, moringa, and basil can also strengthen your immunity as they have antiseptic properties. With infections and diseases on the rise, it is important to stay healthy and safe.

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