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Operating System or resource manager is the software responsible for managing all the hardware and other software on a computer. Since this is the interfacing medium between hardware and software, it requires protection against vulnerabilities. 

It brings Operating System Security into the picture. Software engineer and software developer are working closely to fix application issues and bugs, while systems engineer and cybersecurity specialist fix security issues.

Operating system security is required to prevent any information leak or data breach because, with the technology, it has become easier to hack somebody’s system from a thousand miles apart. And corporations and companies can not afford the hack of their systems. In this scenario, operating system security becomes a necessity to be learned about in particular.

Operating System Security

Operating System Security is the assurance of confidentiality, availability, and integrity for an operating system. It has various steps to prevent vulnerabilities, viruses, threats, intrusion from remote hackers, and many more. It incorporates all the necessary preventive measures to protect operating system information and data.

Security tester should be highly skilled in planning, performing, and evaluating security tests from different perspectives and can identify security breaches and vulnerabilities. 

Operating System Security Approaches

  1. Operating System Patches Updation: There should be regularity in performing operating system patches updates. Usually, system threats, which are due to the misuse of system services and network connections.

  1. Secure Accounts: Operating System security with authentication is another approach. A security account is created, with a password which only legitimate user can access.

  1. Examining Network Traffic: Another approach is to scrutinize all the incoming and outgoing network traffic through a firewall defender or system security defender.

  1. One Time Passwords: Generating a one-time password whenever a user tries to log in to the system. Like, we have a one-time password while making a payment that only a person with the credentials and information can access. These could be random numbers or secret keys.

  1. Antivirus Engines and Softwares: Big companies and corporations should get updated antivirus engines and software to protect the operating system from malicious activity through vulnerability or virus generated in the system. 

Classification of Operating System Security

  1. Type A: It is the highest level in the operating system security, which uses formal design specifications and verification techniques.   

  1. Type B: It is of the following three types:

  • B1: It maintains a security label for each object to ensure easy access towards each object’s security. 

  • B2: It deals with sensitivity labels, including storage objects, auditing of events, and so on. 

  • B3: It creates lists or user groups to grant or deny access.

      3. Type C: It has the following two types:

  • C1: Scrutinizes controls for the users to protect private or secret information preventing data leakage or data breaching.

  • C2: It adds individual-level access controls for C1 system capabilities.

      4. Type D: It is the lowest level of security and provides minimum protection.

Bottom Line

Operating system security is a necessary step to be taken by IT experts to ensure secure systems and prevent data breaching. It is so because the operating system is vital for the computer systems to carry out any functionality from building an application to operating an application.

People are looking for a career in information security courses, as several opportunities are rising with the rising data in and around the world. IT firms and corporations make sure to get the best in case of data security or preventing vulnerabilities. 

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