Wi-Fi Aided Auto-Synced Hospital Clocks For Accuracy And Uniformity

Posted by Chomko LA on December 24th, 2020

A hospital is a huge cluster of buildings with large number of corridors connecting rooms. A hospital environment is governed by the dictate of time so clocks are needed to assist the hospital management. Manufacturers have come up with specially designed hospital clocks that can adorn the walls of the hospitals, hand from corridor junctures and arches and stand proudly in the hospital plaza or perch up over the building top. Overall a hospital will need clocks everywhere including OTs, emergency rooms and reception, patient rooms and wards outdoors and in mortuary. On an average you may need about a 100 clock for a small hospital and the number may go up if it is a big institution.

Accurate and uniform time with Wi-Fi clocks

As we said special clocks are needed for hospitals because they should not run late or before time. They should be accurate and clearly visible to everyone who assembles at the hospital. Hospital corridors may need wall clocks, two faced ceiling clocks and 4 faced canister clocks to cover all directions. Canister clocks are required at hallways and junctions, and also in reception where people culminate form all sides. Latest technology has come to the fore with IP based clocks that will run without the help of wire. Clocks need synchronization and Wi-Fi aided clocks will take their time from time networks, and Ethernet clock from computer network. So question of manually synchronizing clocks is eliminated. You can obtain clocks sizing from 24” dia and onwards and they can be analog or digital. The later variety will have illuminated dial after dark and people will be able to see them clearly.  All these clocks can be controlled from a master clock system or your office computer and you can rest assured that clocks will be showing uniform time everywhere in the hospital.

Wireless speakers for all zone installation

Speaker systems are other tools that hospitals use for communication. It could be for summoning a doctor to operation theatre or paging the relative of a patient or simply give instruction to the hospital staff. The latest technology communication is made up of Wireless PA speaker system which can deploy speakers in any place in the hospital.  You can fit the speakers in most inaccessible places and make the broadcast messages throughout the facility. The wireless system takes the assistance of Wi-Fi internet thus do away with the cables that are required for carrying audio signals to speakers. Plug-n-play technology speakers are used in this and they can be placed anywhere with an electric connection and they will sync with the message source immediately and broadcast crystal clear audio. 

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