Why Are Backpacks Popular As a Promotional Product?

Posted by Rahul Shah on December 24th, 2020

Every business owner wants their brand to be the first preference of the target audience. To achieve this, businesses are spending loads of money on promoting their brand. Often marketers suggest using a combination of marketing methods to achieve the desired goal. One very important marketing tool that effectively advertises your brand is promotional giveaways.

There are thousands of products that are used as promotional giveaways but choosing the perfect custom product to promote your brand can be difficult. However, there is one such product that is universally acknowledged and welcomed as a freebie from any brand, I am talking about backpacks. Who wouldn’t love receiving designer backpacks as a promotional giveaway! They are one of the most popular products for promotional gifts or corporate giveaways.

Daily commuters like office goers or college students know how important it is to possess a laptop backpack. A backpack keeps all their important things like books, cables, chargers, laptops, bottles, and other essential items well-organized. Promotional backpacks cater to the need of a varied group of people and cover wide demographics. Irrespective of age or gender, custom backpacks are very widely used by everyone. Looking at the growing popularity of backpacks, marketers have started investing in good quality printed backpacks to be used as a promotional giveaway. Be it your customers, prospects, or employees, custom printed backpacks are the most suitable gift for all of them.

Here are some reasons why printed backpacks are popular as a promotional giveaway:

  • Usefulness: Backpacks are highly useful. None of us today think of stepping out of our houses without a backpack. Most of us have to travel either to work or to college and there are several things that we have to carry with ourselves no matter what. So in that case a backpack is something that people find solace in. When brands think of giving something to their customers or prospects, they should always go for things that are highly useful and are used regularly. Only when you meet the expectations of your customers, you can form a bond with them and gain the required customer loyalty.
  • Durability: Backpacks are highly durable. A good quality backpack may last several years. This is one of the major reasons why customized backpacks are a popular choice among marketers when it comes to promotional gifts. You can buy embroidered backpacks or printed ones, where you can get your logo and brand name either printed or embroidered on them. So your promotional backpack will advertise your brand throughout its life span. It is like a one-time investment; you pay once and get the desired result for months and years.
  • Large branding area: Backpacks come in varying sizes but whatsoever the size is the branding area that they offer is relatively larger than any other promotional item. This increases the chance of catching the attention of your prospects. Wherever your customers or employees will carry the custom printed backpacks, be it in public transports, restaurants, theatres, or shopping malls, it will catch the attention of the prospects and generate leads for your business. Backpacks increase the visibility of your brand and make your business reach every nook and corner where you never thought of advertising your business.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Looking at the period for which backpacks promote your brand and the kind of brand exposure it offers, it is not wrong to say that backpacks are a relatively cost-effective method of promoting your business. They carry your advertising message for a very long time and that is why it is worth investing in them. There all sorts of backpacks to suit your budget. You can order in bulk to grab some extra discount from your dealer. So one can say custom backpacks are cheaper yet effective means of promoting any business.
  • Increases brand recognition: Since custom printed backpacks carry your brand's logo and name, it works as a moveable advertising poster. It makes people aware of your brand’s existence and leaves a strong brand impression not only in the minds of the recipients but also to those who are regularly exposed to it. Therefore, custom printed backpacks are an ideal choice for increasing brand recognition.

Giving out promotional products is one part; there is another part to it. As business owners, you must also focus on the quality of the product that you are offering as promotional giveaways. These custom printed backpacks carry your brand name and logo, so they represent your brand. If the laptop backpack that you are gifting to your clients is of poor quality and made of cheap material, it will reflect negatively on your brand. Instead of positioning your brand as the top-most priority, you may descend to their last priority. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire a good printing company that provides excellent quality products with high-quality print. Printing companies will take care of designing, customizing, printing, and delivering the final product. You will find many websites selling backpacks online, but always choose one that will cater to your need and has exactly what you want.

PrintStop is an online printing company that has all sorts of backpacks that can be customized as per your requirement. Whether you are looking for backpacks for men, women, or teenagers, they have it all. It is the best site to buy backpacks online. Many businesses have been PrintStop’s happy clients. If you wish to buy a designer backpack online in India, PrintStop is your place. You can customize backpacks with the name of your brand/company. PrintStop offers an easy customization process. You just have to upload your design on the website and the rest they will take care of. They have an entire section of products dedicated to backpacks. From budget-friendly to top brand backpacks are available at their online storefront. PrintStop offers the best professional backpacks that can be customized to meet your end needs.

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