How to Order Pizza While Travelling in Train

Posted by Manish Chandra on December 28th, 2020

Indian Railways, the cheapest mode of transportation, has actively proven its services best in the travel industry. Being the passenger-friendly mode always works with the latest technologies and helps passengers make their journey easy and comfortable. It provides all the facilities online to reduce unnecessary crowds from the counters and its premises. It launches all the essential services that passengers need during train journeys from checking trains to booking berths for tours and providing best-quality hygienic food in train. It started a single number "139" for complaints related to tour and food-related queries to avoid confusion. It facilitates e-catering service to solve passengers' questions, so passengers can select their restaurant and order their food on the train. Via e-catering, our railways connect passengers with the restaurants directly. That means passengers can get their nourishment directly from the restaurants. Indian Railways has launched pizza facilities, so now, passengers can also order pizza in train.

Isn't it amazing to imagine a hot slice of pizza in hand and a moving view outside the windows? It is now possible with RailMitra, through an official e-catering partner of IRCTC, serves pizza on trains. Pizza is Italia-originated food, but it is one of the most demanded food among every age group of people. From kids to senior citizens, everyone is addicted to it and wants it again and again. A true 'pizzaholic' never restricts themselves with time and place. They are addicted in such a way that they want it at least once in a whole day. But the problem arises at that time when they have to travel on long journeys. It will be the toughest time for them to live a day without pizza. There are so many queries coming from passengers and parents for pizza delivery in train. Railways are working on it to resolve the questions related to pizza. It allows some merchants to open pizza shops at railway premises. But with time, the freshness and temperature-related issues arise. On the other side, the railway is working on providing food in train. E-catering services look satisfactory, and passengers are happy with this service of e-catering (as per their feedback).

Through e-catering, Indian Railways connect passengers with the restaurants. So the passengers can select foods according to their preference and place their orders. In this service, passengers can avail a variety of cuisines right to their berth. They can also order online pizza in trains.

RailMitra makes it easy for the passengers, and it starts serving hot and fresh pizza right to your berth. Getting pizza in train might make you travel-addicted because of how much pizza gets enjoyable with the moving scenery. This has been possible only due to pizza delivery in train. Having pizza while travelling will add a cherry in your journey.

How can I order pizza in train?

To order pizza while travelling via train, simply download the RailMitra food in train app and follow these steps to book pizza in train:

  1. Open the RailMitra e-catering app on your phone or visit the website.
  2. Enter the PNR Number or enter the details of the train.
  3. Select the station you wish to get your food at.
  4. Choose a vendor at that station and browse through the items from the menu.
  5. Add Pizza to your cart.
  6. Provide the details required and then proceed with payment.

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