How to resolve Epson printer Not printing issue?

Posted by Emilee Boone on December 29th, 2020

Epson printers are globally famous for good printing services and budget-friendly cost. You can find a wide range of Epson printers at very good prices. These printers are very robust and provide good print-quality.

But there are few errors like Epson error code 0x97 wf-3640 which the user may face while taking printouts. Whenever the printer gets into any error, it stops working. You need to find the exact reason to fix the error. The error on your printer can appear due to various reasons.

Reasons behind Epson Printer Not Printing

    Error in Epson printer configuration

    Your printer is unable to connect

    Empty ink cartridge

    Error on the ink cartridge

    Epson printer driver gets corrupted

    Paper Jamming

    Fuser/printhead gets damage


Troubleshooting Epson Printer Errors

1. Check for the printer configuration

If your Epson printer is not taking printouts after completing the setup then check whether you have configured your Epson printer correctly or not. You need to install the printer driver on your device for completing the configuration. You will receive the driver CD along with the printer.

If your device doesn’t have the disk drive then you have to install the driver from the Epson website. Check the model number of your Epson printer and search for the driver on the website. Download and install the setup on your device and restart your device. Now try to take printouts with your Epson printer.

Check the ink level

If you are unable to print or you are getting faded printouts then you should check the ink level. Your Epson printer will start giving you faded printouts when the ink is about to get empty. You have to replace or refill the cartridge. Always purchase the original cartridge for your printer as the third-party cartridge ruins the print-quality. Some cheap cartridges can also damage your printer.

If the original ink cartridge is very costly then you can refill the ink. You have to purchase good quality ink for the printer. Take the cartridge and open the ink drum. Now refill the ink carefully and close the ink drum tightly. Shake the refill well and then install it on your printer. Give a print command from your PC and check the print quality.

 Check the fuser and printhead

Fuser and the printhead are the crucial components of your printer. But these parts can easily get damaged due to severe fluctuation on the electricity. Open your printer and check the fuser and printhead. If any of these parts gets burned out then you need to install the new one.

In case the printhead gets clogged with the ink then you have to clean the printhead with the utility tool. Here are the steps to clean Epson printhead:

 1. Turn on the Epson printer and navigate to Epson printer software

 2. Click on Utility tab

 3. Hit the Head Cleaning button

 4. Follow the on-screen instructions

 5. Printer’s power light will start blinking

Wait until the light stops blinking and then hit the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option. Check the print sample, if the sample is not clear then repeat the steps. You can also clean the printhead of your Epson printer manually.
Paper Jam

Paper jam errors only occur on old Epson printers. New printer models usually don’t get the paper jam issues. Paper jam mostly occurs when the paper sheets in the input tray are not aligned correctly. While taking the printout, the sheet stuck inside the printer and caused the error. Open the access door of your Epson printer and take out the paper immediately.

Now take out all the sheets from the input tray and align them correctly. Open the document you need to print and hit the ctrl and P command. Make sure you are trying to print a valid page. You will get a print wizard on your screen.

Click on the print button and you will get a list of available printers. Click on the Epson printer and your device will start printing. In case, you are unable to troubleshoot your Epson printer related errors then you should ask the Epson technical team for help.Your all queries and issues will be answered instantly.

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