Is Face Reading Accurate?

Posted by P N Bhatt on December 31st, 2020

Life is full of uncertainties. At different point of life, you suffer from unpredictable problems and to find remedies of such incalculable complications you rush through devolutionary art like astrology, numerology, palmistry, face reading and others.  

These arts serve people and provide solutions for each difficulty but their methods are quite different. After considering these factors let’s talk about face reading. One of the arts which represents finest blend of astrology and science is Face Reading.

What is Face Reading?

Face Reading is a practice of assessing a person’s character, personality traits and destiny form facial expressions and lines. This practice is also called Physiognomy.

By studying your face astrologer can give you insights about career, success, parental relationships, love life, emotions and much more.  Know which part of your face reveals secrets about you. 

  • Facial lines

Facial lines on forehead depicts about the approach of thinking. Square forehead represents the legitimately thinking style whereas forehead with wrinkles represents power of concentration. Forehead lines are the first thing which is studied while analyzing your face is. To find what is says about you talk to astrologer.

  • Shape of eyebrows

If your eyebrows are shaped thick it represents your powerful ideas whereas if they are shaped thin it represents your laziness to initiate or think something new.

  • Eyes color

Colors of eyes not only represent your beauty. They have a lot to say about personality. As blue eyes are found unique, people having blue eyes have awesome nature and such people are found rarely. People with black eyes are introvert and with those with brown eyes are careless towards life.

  • Structure of Nose

There is no definition of perfect nose, but as per face reading astrology ideal nose is one whose vertical length is equal to the width of forehead and horizontal width equal to the length of eye. People which such nose have kind nature. A curved nose represents short temper nature of person.

  • Chin

Our chin size represents our willpower. People with large chin are said to be aggressive and stubborn whereas small chin represents compliant.

  • Lips

Lips act for the style in which you speak. A thick upper lip tells a person is straightforward whereas people with thin upper lips are non-communicative.  Size of upper lip mean ability to love and size of lower lip tells demand for love.

  • Ears

Ears height is compared with height of nose and eyebrows. People with small ears are decent but too much small height shows shy nature of person. Big size of ears with thick earlobes presents impolite behavior.

Do you know your face holds secrets to your future? According to Hindu Astrology, each part of body is auxiliary to an astrological house. Second house of birth chart signifies your face.

Face reading is a subjective theory but it proves scientific approaches as well. Your face is an emotional and physical map of your whole life. With preciseface reading services can give you insight about your character and personality.

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