Phoenix Locksmith Services: Thirteenth Room Or Replacement Of The Castle

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You need to lock a studio, workshop, stored chemicals or a guest room. The used dosice lock is nice, but you don't really believe in its safety and you have already lost track of who has the keys to it. So you will probably choose to exchange the dosice for a lock with a factory. You can also treat yourself to a safer castle in the cottage or cottage. Its advantage is also the possibility to have spare keys copied more conveniently.

The old dozice lock in the apartment or work has ceased to meet the requirements for securing the room, or you have finally lost even the last key that cannot be obtained during the spring cleaning. So all you have to do is buy a new lock. If you are not expert to replace the lock, it is recommended hiring Phoenix locksmith services.


First, loosen the two side locking screws, remove the labels and loosen the handle and locking screws, and carefully slide out the entire lock. Now we can find out exactly what lock we will need. It is best to simply take the old lock with you to the store and get advice when buying a new one.

The complexity and difference between the individual keys and locks is obvious at first glance. It is often claimed about a dozice lock that a bent clip or nail is enough to unlock it. And that doesn't inspire much confidence.

Unfortunately, together with the key, it is necessary to replace the entire label with the handle. The Dozic shape does not fit on a "fab" and vice versa. So there is nothing left but to pay extra and have not only a lock but also handles in a new coat.

All three components that make up the fitting, ie the lock, the cylinder insert and the handle label, must match. Fortunately, we range between the two and three most common standard dimensions.

We still have to decide how many keys to buy with the lock, the most common number is 3-6 keys for one lock insert. In addition, the key is never harmful, it can always serve as a spare key.

In the set of fittings, together with the label and the handle, a small Allen key and two securing screws are included, which, thanks to the key, can be screwed on comfortably. The remaining four decorative screws attach the labels.

The situation when you brought home a lock and found that it was on a door that opens to the other side will not happen today. The latch has most locks rotatable in the axis, with pliers or a screwdriver. One type of lock can be used on both the right and left doors after turning the latch, if necessary.

Carefully insert the lock into the recess in the side of the door. If it's not easy, we can help with a rubber mallet. After sitting in place, secure it with two countersunk head screws.

When inserting a cylindrical insert into the lock, it is important to have the key slightly turned in it so that the free part is in the axis and it is possible to insert it comfortably. We never insert by force.

Insert the insert so that the threaded hole in its body is about half the strength of the door. We then secure it from the side with a threaded screw and a countersunk head. We are not tightening it completely yet.

Now align the door label with the handle and slide it on both sides of the door so that the central square passes through both handles. Sometimes it is free, other times it is firmly connected on one side with the handle.

Align the label so that it fits exactly on the lock. We then fasten it firmly on both sides with small screws. Their heads should fit exactly into the recesses in the fitting label.

After fitting the handle and attaching the label, secure the handle against falling out. With the enclosed small screw with a "worm" tip, tighten it firmly from the bottom non-visible side with an Allen key.

Now tighten the cylindrical lock insert firmly from the side and try to lock the door. Until now, a slight lack of tightening has made it easier for us to put on decorative labels and handles.

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