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There is something captivating about Macbook which makes everyone in love with it. In addition to its sleek look, modish appearance, and robust performance, Mac consists of high-end security features to amaze customers.

However, at a few times, the security features aren’t used effectively and hence set forth your data to attacks. To prevent your laptop from malicious attacks of hackers and other security slips, we have put together a few tips as elucidated by our expert of Computer Repairs in Auckland.

Let’s dive into the blog to know the different ways to make your laptop impenetrable to attacks:

  • Keep Your Mac Updated

One of the most effective ways as enlightened by our expert in Mac repair to keep your Mac safe from security threats is to keep it updated all the time. Even though the Mac OS notifies you an all the updates, in the event of notification slips, you can manually look out for them.

  • Make Use Of a Strong  Password

As far as iMac security is concerned, passwords play a crucial role. As per our expert of Mac repair in Auckland, iMac users ought to use complex passwords that can’t be guessed so easily by unethical hackers.

  • Get a Mac Antivirus

According to our expert of Apple Repair in Auckland, you must have an iMac antivirus to protect it from ransomware, spyware, data breaches, phishing attacks, and key loggers. While selecting an antivirus, make sure it offers Internet Security Tools, Phishing Protection, Spyware Protection,  Ransomware protection, and more.

  • Use a Secure Browser

The online world is full of security threats. Thus, if you want to keep your Mac safe, our expert on Macbook pro repairs in Auckland, suggests using a secure browser.

  • Install a VPN

The role of a VPN is to encrypt the browsing data. Besides this, it covers your original IP address and changes it with an IP address in a completely different location. This makes you completely anonymous online and prevents hackers from tracing your connection.

  • Have A Back-Up of Your Files

Our expert of Mac repair service suggests backing-up your files regularly to prevent them from sudden impairments. You can either make use of an external hard-disk or make cloud-based storage to save your files from sudden loss.

  • Make use of a Firewall

The firewall prevents the entry of intruders through LAN or Internet. With the firewall enabled on your Mac, all the files and data in your Mac will remain protected. However, you should know that sometimes firewall settings obstruct the working of other software.  In such an event, our experts on Macbook pro repairs suggest disabling the firewall settings.

So, these were some of the ways by which you can secure your Macbook. If your Mac has some security issues and you’re seeking professional assistance to get rid of this problem, then look no further than Advanced Computers. We provide professional mac repair service in Auckland and can provide proven solutions for all your problems.

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