Play the Casino Event in Swtor with Cheap Swtor Credits

Posted by letusgame on June 18th, 2014

Wanna see whether you are the one of good fortune in swtor? Then you should bet really big in Swtor Casino. In fact, the Smuggler’s Chips bring the casino event available in swtor. Therefore, now swtor fans can try their lucky rate by the best gambling practice for Casino event. Should you buy lots of swtor credits and then pile the credits into the Smuggler’s Chips?

Where can swtor fans have legit gambling practice in swtor?

As long as players buy the Smuggler’s Chips in swtor, they are able to enjoy the Casino event in swtor. There are a couple of things that players should be aware of when they want to play this event.
1. Don’t spend a single credit or Cartel Market Certificate on the Kingpin Chip.
2. Out of 100K, players will get on average 10-15 or more Kingpin Chips. 
3. Try to set a limit for yourself on how much you will spend in Casino.

Casino is a credits sink, so what can you do if you need swtor credits?

Casino is the most thrilling part in swtor, but it’s also a credit sink at the same time. Therefore, if players still want to have some fun in this part, but are short of swtor credits, what should they do? Don’t worry. Swtor2credits will offer swtor fans with cheap and safe swtor credits which can be gained within 30 mins. Using code “happy”, players can save extra 6% off. Therefore, though Casino is a credit sink, players needn’t worry the lack of legit swtor credits any more.

Some suggestion players offered for improving the Casino.

1. Soft the fail state: On the King Pin Machine, not too severe “Punishment” should be given.
2. Get rid of the Complete Rip Off’s. Hope adding an item that’s worth 1,000 credits for 125 warzone conms stinks. Reducing the dependence a little bit.
3. Add Daily Quests for the Casino that pay in chips and add a Companion Gifts Vendor that is paid in chips.
4. Add a Crazy Gambler that is looking to either introduce a new form of Pazaak or a new form of Sabacc and asking for investors

Whether it’s possible to Bar an incredible turn in luck and changes to the Casino, players can really enjoy the the sense of thrills and excitement in swtor Casino event right now. Swtor2credits offers players with a full stock of swtor credits.

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