Funeral Services: Personalizing one

Posted by webteam on June 25th, 2014

Personalized funeral services have become the trends of the time. They allow you to make the memorable service something to remember all through our lives. If you are someone searching for ways to personalize a funeral service, the following guidelines would be of great help to you.

  1. Try to remember the days you spent together - Personalization implies that you are paying homage to your loved one in a way he/she would want you to do. This asks for the arrangements to be made in such a way as to remember what the person loves. Try to gather information about the hobbies and interests of the deceased.
  2. Display an album - There are sure to be many occasions you cherish with the loved one just passed away. Displaying them at a funeral is a great idea worth pondering upon. Having a projector handy would help you a lot in the matter.
  3. Videos - Displaying a video of the memorable moments in the life of the deceased is a great way to honor the person. Having a series of videos created in your home or a video containing music or a few pictures would communicate what words cannot ever do. Displaying the artworks done by the deceased or playing his/her favorite music too is a great way to say good buy. Sometimes people even make the deceased wear his/her favorite clothes as a sign of respect. To make sure things work in the way you want, you can hand over an outline of the kind of service you have in mind.
  4. Read poems - Another great way to honor a person who just passed away is to read poems written about him/her. You can even read passages from a book the person in question loved to read.
  5. Serve his/her favorite food items - Pay homage to the person who passed away by serving his/her favorite food items. You are sure to come across a huge selection if you search or ask for information on the same.
  6. Display his/her favorite books - If the deceased is a great reader, you can place his/her favorite books near the coffin. Exhort the guests to take one book and enjoy in remembrance of the person.
  7. Place pocket charms - You can even place pocket charms on the table, near the body of the deceased. When the guests who take the charms put the same on their pockets, they would remember the person in question.
  8. Be as creative as you can - Most of the time, the grieving members of the family would not be in a position to give you a clear outline of the kind of funeral they want for their dear one. Just remaining a keen observer would be of great benefit to you in the matter. You may come across shelves full of items the deceased loved to have. Listening to the conversation between the family members too would give you great insights in this direction.
  9. Remain flexible - If you are entrusted with the task of presiding over a funeral, you have to remain open to suggestions from the family. Doing this would make sure that your loved ones feel quite happy with the arrangements made to pay homage to their dear one.

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