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Posted by jennycooper on June 26th, 2014

Sports have always been loved by people. Hockey, for example, is a very popular sport, in which two teams play against each other trying to maneuver a ball or a puck into the opponent's goal using a hockey stick. Hockey is all about team effort and hard training. Everyone agrees that players need both physical and mental training, because in such sports not only the skills are important, but the ability to concentrate as well. But what many people fail to see is the fact that the goalie sometimes is the most stressed player of the team, because his responsibility is bigger. A goalie has to be extremely focused during the game and sometimes staying focused is not something easy to do. With regard to this matter, various goalie drills were developed.

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It is well known the fact that hockey is a very demanding sport, that can sometimes become a bit aggressive. That is another reason why goalie drills are extremely important, because a goalie must be mentally prepared for anything during a game and he must be focused, so that he can defend as many goals as possible.Goaltending is truly one of the most mentally demanding positions in any sport, and although a goalie should be trained more thoroughly,the truth is that not enough training is provided in this area of the game. There are experts that say that a game depends 90% of the goalie’s state of mind. On you will find efficient goalie drills that can have a positive impact on any goalie’s state of mind!

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