How To Apply Glitter Powder On Your Face

Posted by adortalukdar on June 28th, 2014

If you are going to use glitter powder, you have to remember that it can look garish or girly so you have to pick a natural tone.  Using glitter is all about how you apply it and this can be tricky since it can reach the places where you do not want it.  In order to avoid this problem, you should use a cream base shadow so that you can clean up the unwanted shiny using a tape.

Make sure that glitter powder you want to use is meant to be used for the body and face. If you are getting it directly from glitter powder supplier, precise that you need the one that is meant to be used on the skin. You may be tempted to use craft or arts glitter as cosmetic purpose but they may scratch your skin especially near the eyes. If you would like to use glitter while going to a holiday or an evening, you need to use a monochromatic palette and they can be found in different colors which you may need to choose depending on the occasion.

You have to prepare first the place where you intend to put the glitter and use a foundation which is based on the cream. The glitter may need to have moisture in order to stick at your skin. The cream can help you to stick the glitter on your face and you have to apply it with a sponge. Using an eye shadow or a makeup can help you if you wish to apply the glitter online.

Use a stiff brush to ensure that you get the glitter in the place you want to.  You should also apply the glitter when the foundation is still moist. You should use a transparent tape in order to get rid of the unwanted glitter.  You can also ask the glitter powder supplier to mix the glitter for you by giving you neutralizing and nude colors among bright colors. 

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