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Posted by talk2Medebrief on July 10th, 2014

Stress in our lives has a big impact on our physical and emotional health. Some of its examples are divorce, chronic illness or injury, high risk jobs, depression, anxiety etc. In all these situations, our loved ones have to suffer a lot as we can't give full attention on them. According to a survey of 1,800 workers, almost half people bring stress inside their home and because of this, their family relationships have to suffer. In today's fast paced life, it becomes very difficult to strike a balance between work-life and family-life. At our workplace, we have to put lots of efforts for work. At times, it becomes very tough to switch off at the end of the day. In this matter, the electronic age won't help.


At last, our near and dear ones have to suffer. According to Mrs Deborah Sanasi, Sydney-based Psychotherapist, “It is clear we need to get better at transitioning from work to home. We need to get better at separating the two.” To tackle this problem, you have to find out a great solution that assists you transition from work to home. There are many solutions to handle this situation such as by implementing health and wellness strategies (such as exercise, diet, family time). One of the most innovative strategies is talking.


Talk2me: debrief your day is an easy to access phone debriefing service wherein you have to make a phone call and debrief your day with a Tertiary Qualified Debriefing Counselor. These professionals are highly skilled in various areas such as empathetic responding, active listening, summarizing and a lot more. They also maintain a client-centered approach. This professional service is available at very reasonable price. It has the potential to combat stress and to assist in improving family relationships with a work-life balance. If you have had a stressful day, then you should debrief your day so that you don't carry your stress inside the home.


For Anger Management, you can also use this service. By sharing your thoughts and feelings with others, you can reduce your stress in an easy manner. With debriefing, you can maintain your mental health. The calls cost is very less. Their phone calls are open between 4.00 PM to 8 PM exactly when the workers will be finishing your work and coming back home. Dealing with stress at work has become easier with this great service. The charges will be made through the phone bill of a caller or via pre-authorized credit card payment. To learn more about Talk2me: debrief your day, please visit their official website.


Looking for Anger Management? At, talk2me you can get more services about Depression, Anxiety and Debriefing for stress professionals service. Login at our website to know more.

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