Aquamarine rings - an exquisite piece of jewellery

Posted by adairsawyer on August 10th, 2014

Jewelleries are a woman’s best friend. They help in enhancing a woman’s core pride, her distinguished beauty. But, what makes aquamarine rings a heartthrob of the ladies is its exclusive beauty and the series of experimentations women can do with them. Along with this, another favourite is the silver pendants. They are a delight to wear because of their simplicity yet exquisiteness. So, if you already have both of these, you are lucky and if not, rush and lay your hands on what the fashion and jewellery industry is swearing on.

Aquamarine rings can actually turn more special if you use them as engagement rings. The word aquamarine means a shade between green and blue, essentially the colour of the sea. And, the very definition opens in front of your eyes the world under water, its exquisiteness, its known yet unknown charm and the appeal of the beautiful colour blue. Engagement is a special day of your life so opt for a ring that sets the clichéd notion of wearing the usual ones away. You can cut the stone into various forms to give it the shape and the design you desire to. It is versatile and thus, you can wear it with any and every outfit.

Aquamarine rings are a great form of gift too. You can gift them to your loved ones for any occasion. And if the person is a man whom you are thinking of gifting this special stone, nothing to worry about that too. Aquamarine fits perfect for men as well. All you have to do is to find a good store that has a variety of rings set with aquamarine stones. Aquamarine is said to be associated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. So, gifting it to someone you love falls just into place, doesn’t it? Mythologies are quite a boost at times.

And so far the silver pendants are concerned; wearing one piece of sleek white silver around your neck is an instant fashion move. The sophistication and class that silver radiates is stunning any day. Wearing silver is like giving your style a signature stroke. Silver is one such metal which goes beautifully with every skin tone and face type. And they are a marvellous gift and go well with all occasions too.

But before buying silver pendants, just remember to check a few details. Silver ornaments are mostly made of sterling silver which is 92.5% pure in form and harder than gold. It can be moulded into any design as it is malleable in nature. You can make a heavy chunk of silver jewellery or a sleek and delicate piece. It suits with traditional and corporate outfits, so, investing in silver is both a good form of investment and a wise move in fashion.

Accentuate aquamarine rings with any other accessory. Say, you can emphasize it with simple silver pendants and make one unique combination to wear. Each way, you look different than anybody else. To looking unique is directly proportional to experimenting and trying out new style. Start making a fashion statement by improvising on your accessories. That will make you stand out in the crowd. And, the online jewellery stores are just the place to begin your endeavour.

Look your radiant best with aquamarine rings. Make your style statement with silver pendants.

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