Exercise & Care Of Your Guinea Pig

Posted by Dyer Golden on January 15th, 2021

Indoor Exercise: For your Guinea Pig will want to maintain a secure area in your home, on tiles preferably. Or in find out here now for indoors for the kids - although it's just not required. Outside Exercise: in a very grazing hutch could be the safest way, they have the grass coming over the floor. You can make your individual or purchase them from your pet shop or online. Guinea Pigs feel much more secure in their own individual outdoor grazing area as it gives them a secure roof & a location to cover up in too. As well as the glorious grass! Grooming: Short haired Guinea Pigs merely have a brush every now & then, and thats mainly getting to know them better, it isn't really required. Longer haired Guinea Pigs need regular daily brushing and combing. Gently untangle any knots inside fur and take out bits of dirt or hay. Then carefully comb through your pets coat. Check your Guinea Pigs claws regularly to ascertain if you have to trim them yourself, or have the Vet do that in your case. Make sure that one peson is holding your guinea pig & one using the clippers gently, this ensures a happy piggy next you cut their nails. Only sculpt for the quick. Cleaning the Cage: Everyday just see if it needs a liitle tidy up, some Guinea Pigs place their wee and droppings in a single corner, that's better to clear. Once a week clean the cage out completely removing old food, fruit and bedding - Everything! Re line the cage with newspaper and hay. Having another box to put your Guinea Pig in whilst you're accomplishing this makes life a great deal easier! Have Fun together with your Guinea Pig!

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