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Posted by GiulyRotarry on August 25th, 2014

Blogging platform is a celebration of freedom of speech where you can speak your mind, ignite discussions and reach out to the million of virtual readers in a matter of seconds. Whether you are a writer with creative skills, a social activist who wants to spread awareness about a particular issue, a celebrity who wants to connect with fans or an introvert who takes solace in anonymity but has a lot to share, blogging is the most pertinent option. The good news is you can now take up blogging as an alternative career option or an additional career opportunity. It is possible to make money blogging so much so that you can quit your regular day job and indulge in the luxury of pursuing your passion. This requires perseverance, patience and the ability to make the right kind of noises. Best blog sites turn up more revenues. This article will focus on a few easy steps through which you can generate more income.

The first step to monetizing your blog is to finding and sustaining an audience. Instead of fishing for topics that you think can generate income and ending up writing average articles that will find no takers, shortlist the topics and areas you are best at and hone your skills. If politics interest you create a blog where you can discuss your ideas and present yourself as a social commentator. If you often think of innovation share your thoughts in an open forum. If you are a great cook and want to showcase your skills post recipes with interesting images. Best blog sites are those that reflect expertise of the writer in their respective field of work and leave the readers wanting for more. If you can perfect this aspect you are already on the path to success and can soon make money blogging.

Most beginners prefer to start blogging on a free website. This is more convenient if you do not want to invest in hosting your own website or you lack the necessary technical skills. The free websites have easy options for customizing your blog, choosing a color palette, changing backgrounds and other features. You can however post limited advertising and the service provider will not entertain blogs with third party advertisements. There are also limitations on payment links and certain specific ads related to pornography or gambling. However, it’s a great beginner’s platform where you can slowly buildup your reader base and popularize your blog. Once you rank among best blog sites you can easily make money blogging.

If you seriously want to pursue a career in blogging and are confident about yourself, you can invest in hosting a website that has more updated features and few restrictions. You can quickly market your site and earn money. You also have to post regularly and update the content because stagnant website will reap no benefits. The thumb rule of establishing best blog sites are to believe in the content and focus on quality. Unique, informative, witty and honest writing will always find takers. There are many useful articles by experienced bloggers on how to make money blogging. Some of these pointers will help you establish a successful career in the field of blogging.

Pursue a career in writing and make money blogging. The best blog sites generate income and blogging can now be a full time job.

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