Video Streaming Apps - Attributes and Development Costs

Posted by Consagous Technologies on January 18th, 2021

Remember those days when we used to wait for our favourite shows and movies to be shown on TV? Cable TV was something that held unimaginable levels of attraction, with immense happiness associated with its viewing experience.

Those blissful days of TV are now gone.

Stats from Cable Compare show that the cable TV industry is going to fall below 50% by the year 2023. Also, a stat on Tech Jury read that more than 39.3 million people cut down their cable TV connections in 2019.

These figures speak a lot about how the interest towards cable TV has been on its road to decline over time.

The present audience today comprises largely millennials, wishing to have everything as soon as possible. They no longer want to wait for movies and matches, preferring video streaming apps to consume their favourite content.

Video streaming apps have in fact, become one of the most popular kinds of apps in the entertainment app development domain.

About On-Demand Video Streaming App

VOD (Video-on-demand) app is a system where users can access TV shows, movies, and web series that they wish to watch. The only things needed are good connectivity and a device to login with the app, and you are good to go.

Most of the video streaming apps come with a subscription fee that users need to pay for regular access. There are some apps where you can enjoy free access for a limited period of time, and then pay the regular subscription fee if you like the content.

Types of Video Streaming Apps

On-demand video streaming apps can be divided into two broad categories- live video streaming apps and on-demand video streaming apps.

Live Video Streaming

The concept behind live video streaming is quite simple- a Content Delivery Network (CDN) transmits data continuously to multiple platforms and devices through multiple cameras that record a particular event as it happens.

Such apps provide users with a platform to access media through a cohesive interface, through connecting with a server.

On-Demand Video Streaming

On-demand streaming apps are pretty simple to use and manage, as they can be accessed at any time. This happens because the media files of these apps get uploaded to the server before being made available to users, but only if the platform itself is using one.

The process happens automatically whenever a user attempts to access a file.

Why Now is the Right Time to Invest in a Video Streaming App

According to Statista, a huge majority of consumers in the USA are paid members of one or the other streaming app. To add to it, the streaming video on demand market in the US is almost 40% of the global share, which is a huge number in every sense.

These stats will surely become more and more dominant in the favour of streaming apps in the coming years. Investing in a cutting-edge video streaming app is a decision that can prove to give you amazing returns in the time ahead.

Must-Have Features of Video Streaming Apps

Here are some of the features that are surely going to make your video streaming app an absolutely amazing one-

1- Login through Social Media Platforms Among Others

A video streaming app should provide multiple options for supremely easy registration and sign-up process, and not a tedious process where all details have to be typed manually. Registering through social media platforms is a great bet, as it minimizes the effort required from the user, saving unnecessary bounces.

Entertainment app development solutions can be taken to another level with simple sign-up processes through social media platforms.

2- App Orientation

Taking new users through the entire app makes them hooked to your app right from the very first time. Making them familiar with the entire navigation and every single feature of the app goes a long way to ensure that they keep coming back.

3- Adjustable Streaming Quality

If it’s a video streaming app, the audio and visual quality will obviously be the most crucial aspects for making the app successful. High-quality video with the needed bandwidth will definitely get more new users on board.

To add to it, the app should be capable enough to adjust its video quality in tune with the quality of the network connection on the device that’s being used for the app.

Video Streaming Apps- Development Costs

As far as the costs of developing a video streaming app go, setting up the required infrastructure for it can cost around 00-00 per month. This figure includes a dedicated server as well as a Content Delivery Network.

The hosting costs will definitely shoot up as more and more users start using the app. Adding to the costs will be the development team, that will include a blend of designers, programmers, QA analysts, UI/UX designers, and more.

00 per specialist, along a timeline of about six months can be a feasible amount for a quality video streaming app.

While the prospect does seem a little expensive, you can hire a development company that’s perfectly experienced but operates from another geographical region.

With high growth in the viewership of video streaming apps, users get the privilege of logging in anytime they want to. As long as connectivity is good, there will be no problems in having a great experience at all.

You can get an amazing video streaming app developed with Consagous Technologies. The company offers delightful media and entertainment app development solutions that will ensure a great output to your vision.


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