Wheelchair vans ? Welcome mobility with new age handicap vans

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on October 5th, 2014

Disadvantage, disability, disabled – just replace these words with accessibility, mobility and ability to move around according to your free will. Say goodbye to a life with limitations and welcome home one of the technologically advanced wheelchair vans with assistive devices to help you with riding in your own car without depending on someone else. Sounds great? Well, these new age handicap vans are available in a wide variety with suitable features in both budget and luxury categories. Getting in the vehicle and out of it is just a matter of pressing the right button, and there you go, all set to take the ride.

What are your options?
If you think that accessibility will reduce the options for you, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. Now, you can choose from a wide range of VMI Northstar conversion-enabled wheelchair vans. Take your pick from Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, MV-1, Chrysler Town & Country or Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair accessible minivans. The advantage of getting handicap vans with VMI conversion is that you get a fully automatic ramp stowage facility which makes it doubly convenient for you to get in and out of the car. Important features of VMI conversion include 10 inches lowered floor, smooth transition, enough floor space and headroom, ramp release facility in case of emergency, rust proof coating, skid resistant surface and flexible front seat base.

Also available are handicap vans in different price ranges considering the customers’ budget and preferences. A little bit of extravagance here and there is no sin – so, if you have the resources, why not splurge in getting the best in the market? Companies that deal in selling mobility vehicles will be able to help you in getting the right kind of wheelchair vans. Of course, there are vans which belong to the lesser price range as well. So, budget will not restrict to choices.

What are the benefits of using wheelchair vans?
Or, rather, in how many ways you will be able to enjoy life once you own one of those modern handicap vans? In one word, you get back your freedom. You can travel to any place you like. You can even get inside the car on your own, without waiting for someone else to help you. You can operate the ramp and the door of a wheelchair accessible van by just pressing a button. It is very easy to get inside and out of the car. Enjoy a ride with your family or visit your friends, or go shopping – do anything you like with the help of these mobility vehicles. 

Now, the question is how do you get one of these wheelchair vans? This is not very difficult to achieve as with the growing demand for handicap vans, specialized dealers have started operating in different regions of the country and hence customers can have access to their mobility vehicle dealer no matter where they reside. For instance, there are companies who have their branches in all the prominent cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside and Las Vegas. You can visit their websites which have all the necessary information about the kind of vehicles they deal in.

There are specialized dealers in handicap vans and wheelchair vans at different locations in the country.

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