Fill In The Gaps To Chew & Smile With Advanced Implant Technology

Posted by ridgetopdental on October 15th, 2014

Dental implants have become the norm, given the number of patients suffering from missing tooth or loose dentures. A viable solution is with implants that aid in replacing a single tooth and even a total missing arch. Do not miss your chance of restoring your confidence and smile with dental implants, as is believed by doctors of dental implants in Northern Virginia. They are stellar experts in the realm of dental implants from Ridgetop Dental situated in VA and have in-depth knowledge about the procedure and sufficient experience to suggest the right implant procedure to address a particular problem. It can be anything from single dental implant to bone grafting, dental CT scan, denture stabilization, mini-implants, Implant Bridge and so on.

Let’s check out the related problems with missing teeth

It looks very odd to have a missing teeth and a gap in your smile. Apart from making you feel embarrassed in public, the condition triggers inability and incapability to eat and chew properly. There is potentially a bigger problem since you experience bone loss beneath the affected area. Remember, the jawbone requires adequate chewing action with your teeth so as to keep it strong at the same time. In such cases, dental implants offer the right solution since it uses an artificial kind of tooth root to hold a replacement bridge or tooth.

Here, we jot down the reasons for need of dental implants.

If you have a discussion with doctors of Ridgetop Dental belonging from the department of dental implants in sterling VA, you will know why they suggest it not just to enhance your appearance but to add functional purposes too.

  • A person with missing teeth loses speech clarity, but only an implant in the right place can rectify this problem
  • When you lose a tooth, it seriously affects the bone that is placed beneath the surface of the missing tooth. Gradually, the bone begins to erode and to add more to the plight the surrounding teeth start moving in the particular direction of the gap. In that case, an implant is a viable solution to deter defects and bone loss.
  • Tooth/teeth loss can affect your facial structure negatively, whereas dental implants help to restore it. The process works by revitalizing the underlying bone structures, thus strengthening the muscles and correcting your facial structure.
  • Also, the biggest positive impact is that dental implant helps to improve your chewing and bite ability thus enabling you with a great selection of foods.
  • Above all, when you have a natural set to flaunt with dental implant, your confidence gets boosted.

 Remember, the field of dentistry has advanced in many strides and today a majority of people are seeking to varied kinds of dentistry assistance. This is one of the reasons why doctors of cosmetic dentistry in Northern VA, are highly sought-after.

After all, every person wants to look beautiful with an enhanced smile and a complete gorgeous looking set.

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