Army and Navy Challenge coins are greatly treasured today

Posted by dunitzsantrino on October 17th, 2014

Not only in the armed forces but, these challenge coins are simply best and the perfect gift that stays ever. Nowadays, you can see these Challenge coins in corporates, business sectors, wedding, anniversary and celebration too. People place an order for the purpose of occasion by suggesting their own designs. Many companies have their expert design team, who come up with innovative and unique designs. The traditional practise of the military forces of presenting Challenge coin is followed by today’s trend by designing various custom Challenge coins.

All the armed forces have a great responsibility; they safeguard our interest in a wide range of conditions. Soldiers face various conflicts to protect our borders, to provide protection and necessary security to ensure the nation’s freedom. One of the best ways to recognise and appreciate their sweat efforts is awarding them with Challenge coins. Challenge coins symbolise respect to our soldiers, brave men and women’s risks their life and limb to protect our borders nation. Hence, the traditional practise of awarding Challenge coins is still in place, these Challenge coin cherish the moments of soldiers even after their retirement and that stays forever.

Army Challenge coins- Sign of many things

The Army Challenge coins became a popular way of rewarding recognition for an attainment that was not absolutely worth of formal medal, but still deserve the merit identification. Army Challenge coins are made from a variety of core metals like bronze, copper, aluminium, nickel, platinum, gold and silver and many more. But, all the army Challenge coins will not be in round shape, camp liberty army airborne coin that comes in the shape of heart and contains the word camp liberty and many such.

The pride of owning these Army Challenge coin is a unique feeling that can be felt and experienced only by the member of the armed forces. These coins symbolises the pride feeling, emotional attachment, sense of brotherhood and strong commitments of the member towards nation.

Navy Challenge coins- Honours those who serves

The commemorative Navy Challenge coins are also a type of respect and honour to the specialities of members of the navy. Brave men and women, who are involved in the mission and for their outstanding job on duty, will be awarded by Navy Challenge coins. The elite group of men and women of the navy when required, will also work for other armed branches and their missions. Hence, this amphibious navy member will also be awarded Navy Challenge coins for the different branches. This time honoured tradition of presenting challenge coins will be owned by those who serve with a sense of pride, knowing their efforts are worth for nation and the job they perform.

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