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Posted by Defender School LLC on January 28th, 2021

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Active Shooter incidents and circumstances are often random and evolve quickly. Anybody can play an essential role in extenuating the influences of an active shooter incident. An active shooter is an individual vigorously engaged in killing people in a confined and populated area. In various cases, active shooters use multiple firearms and there is often no pattern to their selection of victims. Every year, almost 2 million Americans suffer from workplace violence. The realm is facing a growing or increasing of threats, that’s why every company takes steps to prepare itself for an active shooter situation. Active Shooter Response Training course illustrates the best actions to take in an active shooter situation.

What is Active Shooter Response Training?

Active Shooter Response Training helps employers and employees to identify, prevent, and survive in an active shooter condition.

Active Shooter Response Training for Schools, Workplaces and other Organizations

Run- Hide- Fight!

Defender School is now being a part of full suite of modern protection and dynamic shooter preparedness solution. Defender School Active Shooter Response Training Center encourages you to make good survival decisions when an attack should occur. Training options comprise everything from on-demand e-learning, in-person training to organizational certification.  

  • Find the way and full suite of active shooter preparedness solutions.
  • Understand your risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Assess reports of behavioral threats.
  • Update, create, and manage your safety plans.

How to take action when an active shooter is in your vicinity?

Rapidly find out the most reasonable way to protect your own life.

Evacuate: Be sure, if there is an easy to get to escape, attempt to evacuate the premises.

  • Plan in your mind for an escape route.
  • Leave your belongings behind.
  • Help others to escape, if possible.
  • Keep your hands visible.

Hideout: If evacuation is not possible the find a safe place to hide.

  • Get out of the active shooters' vision.
  • Remain quiet and calm yourself.
  • Hide at any safe place and turn off any source of the noise.
  • If possible, to alert police to the active shooter’s location.

Basic Components of Training Exercises:

The most efficient way to train your staff to respond to an active shooter situation is to

Organize mock active shooter response training exercises.

  • Recognize the sound of gunshots and react quickly when gunshots are heard or when a shooting is witnessed.
  • Calling the police.
  • React when law enforcement arrives.

Defender school is one of the best active shooter response training OrlandoWe offer active shooterresponse training that is customized with each type of organization. Whether you are looking for active shooter response training for any type of workplace like schools, offices, businesses, worship places, we have lessons for you. We urbanized our hybrid learning program to help in both information and to make it easier to get the training. With 24*7 access, our staff can learn at their pace.

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